In Deep (The Blackhart Brothers #2)

 IN DEEP                                               BLUE SAFFIRE

The last thing I needed was a call from my old precinct letting me know my knucklehead nephew had been picked up for skipping class. Still, I figured it would be an in-and-out visit. Quick. Simple. But the moment I heard her voice, I should've known it would be anything but easy.

I wasn't expecting the feelings that came roaring back the moment I laid eyes on the saucy detective with the gorgeous smile, but I probably should've seen it coming. Our history is one for the books, and it's a page-scorcher. And now here she is, standing in my way, and I can't seem to remember why I ever let her leave my side.

It looks like the sparks between me and Detective Danita Moralez are as intense as ever, but she's also more guarded than before. Two years ago, she walked out of my life because she wasn't willing to reveal the dangerous truth about her undercover work. This time, she's not going to get away so easily.


I started reading this book and was not able to put it down until I got to the end. This police story was a little different in that the undercover officer is a female. She has been undercover for a few years when she meets Kevin Blackhart who along with his brother owns a security company and who at one time worked for the police force that she is investigating. After they meet and have a good night, she disappears at least from Kevin’s point of view, then a few years later they meet again but this time he will not let her go.
Detective Danita Morales has been on her own now for a few years since her handler has gone missing and she figures he is dead. Now being undercover for five years and her last partner shot along with his wife she fears anyone who gets close to her. Kevin does not care and the more he pushes the more she fights him until she realizes she needs help and that he and his brother have found out who she is.
She fights with her self and with Kevin for she feels she has lost part of herself being undercover for so long. When they begin to get close to the end the two of them fight and as much passion as they have in the bedroom they have argued.
The author does a good job with the characters and with a few surprises and twists as you get to the end which turns out to help the story. She also sets you up for the next book at the end. Overall I liked this book and the characters very much. I received this book from I gave it 5 stars. Follow us at

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