Protecting His New Family


Former Navy SEAL Owen Foster has never been in love and never thought of having a family. Getting tied down to one woman isn’t his priority. But when his brother and sister-in-law die in a car crash, leaving their toddler son Myles under his care, he’s thrown into domesticity overnight. The couple left the care of Myles not only to him but also his sister-in-law’s sister, Samantha Mayfield. Now, the man who’d never allowed his “dates” to stay past breakfast finds himself living with a gorgeous woman he’s been attracted to for years. It helps knowing that Sam is the opposite of every woman Owen’s been with. She’s smart, driven, and the classiest girl he’s ever met. Definitely out of his league. Which is why he just can’t understand why his heart seems to have forgotten he’s not the marrying kind of guy.

Samantha is sure she doesn’t have a maternal bone in her body. Her entire life has been focused on her career as a medical researcher trying to discover a vaccine for a rare disease. Despite the recent threats against her project, her work is her haven, her happy place. Changing diapers and drool is not—at least at first. Like everything in her life, Samantha is determined to succeed. Surely caring for a baby can’t be more complex than finding a cure for a disease. And Owen is a natural father, so he’s a big help. And a big distraction. She’s always thought he was sexy, but now she’s seeing his softer side. A side that’s hard to resist. When the threats against her escalate dangerously, Sam has to admit that it’s kind of nice to have a big, tough Navy SEAL around. Actually, it’s more than nice. It makes her wonder if it’s possible for Owen to stay with her forever…


Owen Foster put in his retirement papers for the Navy and has decided to leave the Seals. His brother and sister in law were killed in a car crash and he and his other sister in law Samantha Mayfield were named guardians. she is a scientist, researcher who is working on a new vaccine for a disease. With years of research, trials, and tests she is looking at finally sending off for approval. She is now feeling less than because she wants to help with Myles but feels more comfortable in the lab.
She finds herself at first trying too hard when everything seems easy for Owen, she also begins to see Owen in a different light as he does things out of kindness for her and Myles which she really is not used to having. She is mostly by herself except for the people in her lab and her assistant, who Owen begins to first be jealous of, and then when someone begins to put an end to her research, he thinks he could be behind it.
I found this to be one of the better stories and I really liked the storyline and the characters. The relationship between the two of them starts slow and they both have their own fears that they each need to work through. The end is really good and the author keeps Samantha in character all the way to the closing of the book which adds to this story. A very good read with good characters. I received this book from I gave it 5 stars. Follow us at

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