Roll the Dice (Vegas #2)

ROLL THE DICE                                       MIMI BARBOUR 

 “You shot me!” Aurora’s incensed. Her new partner shrugs and answers. “I saved your life.” From the very first page of this riveting story, these two battle for supremacy in trying to catch the serial rapist who ripped both their lives apart. With all her might, Aurora fights the attraction to Kai's baby blues that tease and start her internal warning devices humming. After all, her job is her life, and determination mixed with courage has always been her lifeline.

Kai has a mission of honor to undertake. The man who’d raped his sister can’t be allowed to live—after all, she hadn’t! Revenge fills his soul, while visions of his new partner fills his heart. The sassy woman rattles his calm, and he can’t keep his hands to himself. Doesn’t mean she has the power to stop him from doing what has to be done.


A republication of the second book in this series. Though I did not read the first one I was able to get caught up with the characters and the storyline right away. Aurora Morelli a detective for the Las Vegas police department has a new partner, Kai Lawson a transfer from LAPD. He though reminders her of Bruce Willis but with hair. They are both after a rapist and each has their own issues with the person besides wanting him off the streets.
Aurora has been shot and Rondo the suspect has gotten away. She was shot by her new partner and just the opening scene sets you up for what will be a fast and entertaining ride between these two and her former partner. You also throw in Cory friends with Kai and the husband to her former partner and now Lt. with the banter between Aurora and Kai and along with a few twists and turns leaves you with a very good book and very much worth the read. Liked everything about it. I received this book from I gave it 4 stars. Follow us at

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