The Mountain (Ryan Decker #3)

 THE MOUNTAIN                                          STEVEN KONKOLY

Investigating a missing person case on Murder Mountain means looking for trouble in a propulsive thriller by the author of The Raid.

When someone disappears on Northern California’s lawless Murder Mountain, it isn’t news. The vast terrain for illegal marijuana harvests is also a notorious black hole for outsiders. But when that someone is the family friend of the persuasive and righteous Senator Steele, finding him becomes covert investigator Ryan Decker’s mission.

For Decker, the risks of infiltrating a multibillion-dollar outlaw industry are greater than he could possibly understand. Especially when that industry has flourished into the profitable backbone of a secretive and influential DC-based think tank. And protecting its untraceable revenue in the Emerald Triangle is a band of ruthless white nationalists.

What begins as a seemingly straightforward favor soon pulls Decker and his partner, Harlow Mackenzie, into a high-stakes conspiracy linked to the most cold-blooded puppet masters and power brokers in the country. The harder Decker and Harlow work to expose the insidious faction, the harder it’ll be to make it out of Murder Mountain alive.


First time reading this author for me and I was not disappointed. Actually, I was surprised at how once I started this book, I did not put it down until I finished it, I read it in one night. The characters and the storyline were all such that everything moved in a way that everything flowed. Decker was a character that was easy to get into and the story itself of a missing son was also easy to follow. Living in California already knows about the drug problem and the different busts that they have made over the years in Northern California and the huge amount of pot fields they have come across. Also, about people either missing or being shot at over the years, at least years ago not so much now. This story was easy to get into and to follow.
Everything about this from the first time they set foot in Northern California and dealing with the local Police all the way to the end and what I think is a set up for the next book just made for a very good read and one that was fast-paced and full of action and good dialogue. From the opening pages to the end this is an outstanding book. I received this book from I gave it 5 stars. Follow us at

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