Following in the Footsteps of King Arthur


The story of King Arthur is one of the best known in English history: he was the boy who was schooled by Merlin and who claimed his right to lead the Britons against the Saxons by drawing a sword from a stone; later, he was the warrior who congregated with his knights around a Round Table and who was given a magical sword, Excalibur, by the Lady of the Lake. These stories have been told and re-told hundreds of times - and over the centuries the actual figure of Arthur has retreated into obscurity, with many scholars suggesting that he was a mythical figure who never actually existed. Arthur has been the subject of thousands of books; yet this one tells his story in a way that is wholly new - through the places where the events surrounding his life supposedly unfolded.

From Tintagel Castle in Cornwall, Arthur's reputed place of birth, to Slaughterbridge in the same county, one of the contenders for the location of his final battle against the Saxons, and from Cadbury Castle in Somerset, one of the numerous claimants to be the site of Arthur's fort of Camelot, to Glastonbury, wherein 1191 his grave was reputedly discovered by local monks, the trail through some of England's most historic places throws a whole new light on this most compelling of legends.


Myths and legends of King Arthur have always been told and I for one have been interested in the story, real or not. Here is a book by a man who works to do the research. Is there or was an Arthur? What I was surprised with is he began his search on Scotland, I did not see that coming from the beginning.
Mr. Beattie does a wonderful job of first explaining to you or us the reader all of his points of origin of where he found the information. That in itself was impressive. He starts from the first written time of Arthur and then goes from there after setting a timeline. Following each mention of Arthur across Scotland, England, and Europe. A very good book and in the end the author lists all of his sources and areas he traveled should anyone wants to read or travel the different places. Overall I was pleased with this book a good read. I received this book from I gave it 5 stars. Follow us at


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