Love Chaos Roommate up for Grabs


Making a fool of myself in front of the hottest guy on campus? Check!
Then getting stuck as roommates with the same hottie? Check!
Being completely humiliated by him on the very first night? Also check!

When Luca gets kicked out by her cheating ex-boyfriend, she's assigned to share a dorm suite with the biggest player on campus.

Ben Nowak isn't just brazen, he is brazenly sexy. A jerk with an irresistible smile that gets him whatever he wants. Luca might find him charming if everything he said didn't make her blood boil!

Surviving this semester means ignoring her new roomie, his stupid sexy smirk, and his constant string of casual hookups. It's the perfect plan. Until one night a mix-up lands Luca in Ben's bedroom– and he sets her heart racing for completely different reasons…

Love Chaos has been hailed by booksellers as “incredibly funny and captivating.”


A story of a female Luca who gets kicked out of her apartment and needing a new place to live while going to school ends up in with two males Ben and Toby. She was put in the dorm with the guys because of her name and there are no other places for her. Now she is dealing with Ben who is bringing home a different woman every night and Toby who is with a model who does not like Ben.
Luca also is dealing with a diet that is gluten-free and Toby wondering why the food tastes wired. Both her and Ben tell him about the gluten-free food but he just does not get it. Both Luca and Ben seem attracted to each other but each is dealing with issues from their past before they can have a future. It is a good story with the working of all of the dealings with the home and Ben and Luca. I also thought the whole gluten-free diet part of the story was a good touch since I deal with it every day now in my home with my daughter. Overall a good story. I received this book from I gave it 4 stars. Follow us at


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