RomeAntically Challenged (When in Rome #1)


Marina Adair’s Romeantically Challenged is a humorous and heartening take on Three Men and a Baby meets 27 Dresses, in which a newly single physician's assistant who sets out on an exotic—and man-free—adventure gets stranded in a coastal Rhode Island town full of eccentric residents, nosy neighbors, and an infuriatingly sexy roommate who makes her question her man-free diet.


All I have to say is that this really must have happened to someone to be put in a story. Though it says it is a romantic comedy which for some I guess it could be. As a father, I wanted to!!!!!! Annie’s ex. He calls off the wedding after she had gone through with picking the venue and everything else. He though keeps the venue, the date which was here grandparent’s anniversary also keeps the money that he is to send back to her which he has. Then the topper is his new bride goes to the same bridal store and somehow everything is mixed up and her grandmother’s wedding dress is with the new bride. Then to make her day complete she thought she was accepting a job in Rome Italy, instead, she is in Rome Rhode Island.
Here the other part of the story is where she thought she would be living in a cabin by herself instead the man who owns the cabin has come back home. Emmitt, he is one of three dads to a teenage girl which is explained in the story. She also has to deal with her mother as well. Emmitt's story at times takes over at times for he is working through his own issues about life. Overall a good book and worth the read. I received this book from I gave it 4 stars. Follow us at

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