Matched (Navy Seals of Little Creek #2)

MATCHED                                               PARIS WYNTERS

After a dangerous mission, Navy SEAL Anthony Martinez lets adrenaline and loneliness cloud his judgment when he signs up for the military's spouse matching program without his Commanding Officer's approval. Of course, nothing has ever come easy for Tony. He’s matched to a woman he’s already hit on and struck out with. Then his CO threatens his dreams of attending Officer Candidate School leaving Tony with only one option—make the marriage work.

Inara Ramirez has always wanted love and a family, but her luck with romance is as bad as her serial divorcee mothers. Determined to find the one, she signs up with the military’s science-based spouse matching program. She’s thrilled to be matched until she realizes her new husband is the cockiest, flirtiest, and hottest Navy SEAL she’s ever met.

Inara is determined to make the marriage work but Tony’s only planning on a year tops. Is it possible that science and fate have created the perfect match?


I received this book from Tule Publishing for an honest review.
The second book in this series and I found myself liking the story better in this one than the first. The characters are also from the first book and yet they worked for me. Anthony Martinez has signed up in the program without his commanding officer’s approval. Receiving his wrath is nothing for him for he is used to getting yelled at. What he is not used to is failing and he feels in order to be accepted into officer school he needs to be married. The program has matched him with the woman he has struck out with more than a few times, Inara Ramirez.
Inara cannot believe the paperwork and feels that someone must be playing a trick on her. Yet there he stands her nemesis Anthony Martinez or Tony who from the last story only gave her grief. Why does he have to be so good looking? She decides to make the marriage work regardless of Tony’s outlook of only a year top. This story has everything, funny moments, sad ones, arguing, love scenes, and even moments that are inappropriate you think but not if you are married. She must work with him to help him get past his fears of commitment to another person. This is a really good story and well worth the read. I received this book from Tule Publishing Follow us at

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