Midnight Wild (Wilder Irish #8.5)

 MIDNIGHT WILD                                      MARI CARR

What’s better than kissing one of your sinfully sexy bosses when the ball drops on New Year’s Eve? Kissing both of them. In bed.

Midnight Wild is a free short story featuring Darcy’s best friend, Brooklyn. It’s not just those Irish Collins who go wild at midnight!

Midnight Wild was previously published in the Alphas of the Forbidden (Alphas Confess All) anthology.


A book that is a quick read. Has Brooklyn sitting with her best friend Darcy at Darcy’s family Pub. Brooklyn has just been stood up on her New Year’s date and fears that the rest of the year will be the same way. Darcy leaves and before Brooklyn leaves she is in the middle of one of her fantasies about her with her two bosses though she knows that will never happen.
Well, low and behold one of them is standing next to her and the other is sitting in a booth. She accepts the offer of joining them and after talking for a bit they tell her what they really want is her and they have been waiting two years for the right time to bring up their offer. She agrees for one night after she tells them she has never been with one man. Here the story goes into a hot but yet tasteful scene in the bedroom. She brings in the New Year with a positive outlook for the one coming up. The story ends with her at the same Pub with Darcy waiting for? You will have to read the book to find out what happens, a very good story and ending. I got this book from Amazon. Follow us at www.1rad-readerreviews.com

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