A Slow Burn (Stories from Beauville #.5)

 A SLOW BURN                                             TIGRIS EDEN

Annabelle Macon left home to become somebody. When fired from her job in New York, she’s anxious to come home. Home is where the heart is, and her heart has always been set on Jackson Storme. But when the opportunity presents Anna with an exciting new job back in New York, she doesn't know what to do.

Sheriff Jackson Storme is happy being deemed a player. He hasn't found the one woman to call his own, and that’s okay with him. When his baby sister pulls up to the Fourth of July picnic and her passenger steps out, Jackson realizes his woman has made herself known.

Will Anna and Jackson’s fire only burn for one night, or can he convince her that the best burn is A Slow Burn…

Break out the fireworks and get ready to kick-off your summer with this HOT new collection of stories. A Slow Burn is part of the Red Hot and BOOM multi-author series! (Stands alone for your reading enjoyment.)


This book is just the prequel to the beginning of the series, a short. It introduces you to the characters which are Annabelle Macon who left her home town after high school went to New York and is now back years later after the job she had did not work out. Going to the towns Fourth of July celebration with her best friend Joey who she grew up with.
Once at the celebration Sheriff, Jackson Storme is surprised to see his sister’s best friend Annabelle looking as hot as she does. This, not the person he remembers who us running around with Joey. Now you have a sexy woman who has left New York and Jackson wants to be with her. What he does not know is that she has had a crush on him her whole life so all she is looking for is one night of pure pleasure and fun, for she wants to return to New York.
The story works as a set up for what will come in the next books there are three. Though this was written in 2014 it still fits for today and was a very good read, hopefully, I will come across the rest of the books soon. I liked the story and the characters. I got this book from Amazon. Follow us at

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