The Bones of Wolfe: A Border Noir

THE BONES OF WOLFE                            JAMES CARLOS BLAKE

In the newest Wolfe-family adventure from James Carlos Blake, Rudy and Frank Wolfe are engaging in routine miscellaneous business--some legitimate and some less so--for their family when they stumble upon a stash of high-quality pornographic films in a raid. The plot thickens when their Aunt Catalina, the family matriarch aged 115, recognizes a resemblance to her long-lost sister in one of the young performers. Catalina tasks the boys with tracking the girl down, however improbable a connection may be. This proves to be no simple task. Soon, Rudy and Frank find themselves moving away from the world of porn and towards the upper echelons of the Sinaloa drug cartel, where the mysterious woman has become a particular favorite of the head narco. For their aunt, the woman, and themselves, Frank and Rudy must find a way to extract her from the cartel. A tropical storm threatens their plan but their widespread and steadfast family stands ready to assist them every deadly mile of the way.

Ever daring and innovative, and assisted by the family's ready resources, the Wolfe brothers must run the highest risks in order to achieve the mission assigned them by the Grande Dame.


First time reading this author and I will say I was thoroughly entertained with this book. The story follows the Wolfe family and their business some legal and some not so much. Opens with what you think is a regular transaction of guns and ammo but after the offload from boat to truck the truck is hijacked and everyone is killed. Here is when you really begin to follow Rudy and Frank. Tracking and finding the persons who stole the guns they are back in Texas with other family members upstairs in the bar that is family owned when watching some porno films confiscated from the men. During one of the scenes, a female cousin comes back later and asks for two still photos of an actress in the film. After getting the stills she goes to Aunt Catalina the 115-year-old matriarch of the family and she knows that there is a resemblance to a lost relative.
Rudy and Frank are later called to the home and are given instructions to find the girl in the photo and bring her to her Aunt Catalina, they are also not to tell their uncle what is going on. Here is when the story takes off and you are taken from Texas to New Mexico, California then to Mexico the sea of Cortez. There is a lot going on but is done in a way that the story continues and you what to know what happens next and where is the author taking you. I found myself caught up with the characters and I really enjoyed this book. I received this book from I gave it 4 stars. Follow us at

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