Under Pressure (Lucas Page #2)

 UNDER PRESSURE                                   ROBERT POBI

On a beautiful October evening, New York City's iconic Guggenheim Museum is closed for a tech company's private gala. Until an explosion rocks the night, instantly killing 702 people, including every single attendee—yet the damage to the building itself was minimal.

An explosion of that precision was no accident and, in response, the FBI mobilizes its entire team -- but the sheer number of victims strains their resources. Were all 702 victims in the wrong place at the wrong time, or was there only one target and 701 unlucky bystanders? That many victim files is a staggering amount of data to sort through and Brett Kehoe, Special Agent in Charge of Manhattan, decides that he can't do this without more computational power.

Dr. Lucas Page, astrophysicist, university professor, and former FBI agent, is uniquely gifted for the task at hand—he can visualize a crime scene as if he was a bystander and can break down any set of data at a glance. Even though Page wants nothing to do with the FBI, with his city under attack and his family at risk, he steps in to find a killer in a haystack before they strike again.


You are back with Dr. Luca Page; he has been called in after a bomb goes off in the Guggenheim Museum. He of course has figured out the type of bomb before the experts and there begins the back and forth between him and the team that he is supposed to work with. He now needs to look through the over 700 victims to see what if anything sticks out as to why this occurred.
Just like the first book, you are taken on a ride from the first page to the very last page. You do have some of the characters from the first book in this one and you also get to see a little more of his home life as well. Overall, this was a very good story with really good characters and the book will keep you guessing but also entertained all the way through. Another excellent job by the author and very much worth the read. I received this book from Netgalley.com I gave it 5 stars. Follow us at

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