The Single Dad CEO

THE SINGLE DAD CEO                                    NICOLE CASEY

The moment I lay eyes on her in the elevator, I know I have to have her.
Those curves, that hair, and the way she looks at me with those innocent eyes make me want to take her right in my office. Whenever I see her, every fiber of my body wants to feel her body entwined with mine.
But she’s my employee.
She’s off-limits.
And my focus should be on my son and my business after my gold digger ex-wife had left.
It will break all my rules, but I just can’t resist her any longer.
I need to make her mine. 

This is a sweet and steamy office romance short story with no cliffhanger and a HEA!


For sixty-one pages I have to say this author did rather well. Can’t expect War & Peace and if you are you are really looking in two wrong sections shorts and free. Now, that said, the characters were what you might expect a CEO who works too much and are still bitter over his gold-digging ex-wife that for choosing to leave the most valuable gift their son. Her loss is for sure his gain because his son is the most precious gift she ever gave him, Shaun, seven. This is where his own redeeming qualities come in, Shaun as a way of just melting him.

So, he is a work in progress working so much, he does show his employees he cares. It’s when Kate joins their team as he calls them that his world turns upside down. The lower half of his body has been dormant since the breakup. But, the new girl Kate wakes that all up.

Kate may be new to the company but she highly qualified in her field. She has been taken in by rich men and comes with a chip on her shoulder. So, she was leery that first day. But their attraction for one another is strong.

See how and who helps them to the point of being a couple at the end. Yet, it wasn’t smooth sailing and it was insta love after all. I give this: 4 stars. Received during July book giveaway.

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