Must Love Dogs...and Hockey (Bears Hockey #1)


Lilly: My life is like the love child of a train wreck and a dumpster fire right now. I’ve been canned, my professional reputation is shredded, and now I’m walking dogs to make ends meet.
But I still believe everything will work out. Somehow.
Then a dog at the park attacks my friend’s dog. At first, I’m ready to give the owner hell—but it turns out he’s in desperate need of doggie daycare. I figure, why not? I love dogs and I need the cash.
Too bad his cocky bad boy attitude annoys me. He’s too damn cute for his own good. And I’m not talking about the dog.

Easton: My coach is riding my ass and I’m not handling it well. When I’m saddled with an abandoned pooch, my teammate thinks a dog will keep my temper in check. I think I have enough problems already.
But when my new dog gets into a tussle that leads me to meet a smoking hot chick who knows how to handle the rascal, I start to think pet ownership isn’t all bad. At least it gives me an excuse to see Lilly again. . . .
Neither of us are interested in a relationship. First, they steal your bed, then they steal your heart. And I’m not talking about the dog.


Lilly’s life has down in flames, at least her professional life. Fired again from another job in the same field she is now looking at never working again in the hospitality field. This is all going through her mind of course as she has no job and no prospects for one either.
Hockey player Easton is still feeling new to the team that traded for him and he has not opened up to any of the other players. He has been getting a lot of lip from the coach and he is tired of hearing it. Home form a road trip, he enters his apartment complex only to see a woman stepping into an elevator and the dog she has been caught on the outside of the door. With the dog being straggled he rushes to the door and is able to disconnect the dog from his leash. The woman comes downstairs and gives Easton the dog running out of the apartment complex.
Lilly has begun walking a dog for money and while at the dog park her dog is being jumped on by another dog. When the owner of that dog comes over, she is surprised at how good looking he is but is still upset with him about allowing his dog to be off its leash. Easton thinking that Lilly is very attractive tells her that he has just gotten the dog named Otis and it is not until much later that she finds out what happened in order for him to get the dog. Later that day he asks her if she would be willing to watch his dog for three days because he has to go out of town. She agrees. It is after this that she decides to start a dog walking business and Easton helps her as much as she will let him.
This is not a fast romance story. Though they both like each other the author makes this a slow build-up and as they become more into each other both of their pasts are becoming a problem. Each has to work through them in order to have a future. The issues that she deals with especially with Easton’s coach is something that is not tolerated anymore and I am surprised to say when I played sports in the early to mid-seventies some of those practices were allowed. Of course, not now but even then, as a teen I thought what the coach was doing was wrong but none of us said anything. I am glad for all of the issues that were talked about and for the wonderful story about these two characters. Another good Kelly Jamieson book. I received this book from I gave it 5 stars. Follow us at

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