Accidental Engagement (Accidentally Yours #4)


I’m Leslie Kaufman, co-owner of KLeaning Services Unlimited.
The name says it all, I guess.
I’m used to pandering to the excesses of rich and eccentric clients.
Billionaire Jack Morton fits the bill, for sure.
He requests some rather unorthodox help from me.
He needs to fool his mother into thinking he is engaged.
To me.
I’m not sure why I agreed to do it; maybe to add some excitement to my boring existence.

Things spin out of control quickly when his mother shows up with her aloof manner and spouting her disappointments about Jack’s personal life. 


Strong alpha male billionaire hires a strong alpha female employees to work above and beyond. Jack hires Leslie one of the owners of the cleaning service that manages his estate who he knows has spunk and is very attractive, to be his fake girlfriend. You see his mother believes he is much too old to still be out there womanizing. It is time for him to settle down with a good woman and give her the grandchildren she so wants.
When his mother call to surprise him, to tell him that she is on her way for a visit and that she hopes to see that he actually has a real girlfriend. Him being a problem solver decides after meeting Leslie and see she doesn’t back down from a challenge, he believes she’s the one. At first, she thinks he is crazy. But when he’s not and offers cash who is she to judge.
But they are left with egg on their faces when they get played by the best. She makes no excuses for her ruse either. But when the ending comes. It is less than perfect for the was the rest of the story was running. It felt abrupt and so rushed to nowhere.
Received this during the July book giveaway. I give this: 4 stars.

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