Chapel of Chances (Candlelight Cove #2)

 CHAPEL OF CHANCES                                   ELISE JAMES

Cake for Three is a steamy, short, sweet romance with a strong, curvy heroine and a sexy alpha hero. It is the first in the Candlelight Cove series.

I love planning weddings, but it would be nice to find my own happily ever after.
It seems like I spend my days making others peoples’ dreams into reality, while my perfect wedding plans wait on the shelf.
When I unexpectedly run into an adorable little girl, I wonder where her dad is.
Turns out we work together.
Elijah is handsome, protective, and makes me want to meet him at the altar.
But can I set aside my dreams for a perfect wedding in order to find perfect love?

As a single dad, there is nothing I wouldn’t do for my daughter.
But between parenting and my job as head of security, I don’t have much time for love.
When a gorgeous wedding planner makes her way into my life, I vow to secure her heart.
She’s curvy, compassionate, and makes me want to throw caution to the wind.
Now I have to convince her that the three of us make a perfect family.

This is a Sweet, Steamy, Short Story Romance. This is the first in the Candlelight Cove series and can be read as a standalone. If you love short sweet romances with steamy sex scenes along the way, then you’ll love this book. No Cliffhangers in this happily ever after.


Bella is a very creative young woman working at the prestigious resort in the area but she never thought she would ever get stuck in the HEA department of party planning, weddings. She’s not even really a woman who buys into it all. She knows it’s possible, her parents are a wonderful example and she’s close with them and her brother in their small beach community. They all do family things together too.

She gets an opportunity at work to do a location wedding at a ranch but for some reason, she is thinking cornfield. Nope! She figures out quickly it is a working ranch with pigs and horses and a lot of other things. The day she arrives she meets Beau a mountain of a man and a very good looking sexy one at that but when he tells her the weather is shifting we need to get inside she’s like ‘yeah but’ nope not in the country the sky’s opened up and she was a drowned rat.

Then they find out the road for her to get back home is washed out. So, she gets to see life on a ranch up close and personal along with who Beau is. Very cute story. A fast read worth your time has a HEA.

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