Something's Gotta Give (Tempered Steel #3)


Chance Coalson loves women. And they love him. Young or old, no woman is immune to his charm.
Except one.
Georgia Haines is the only female volunteer firefighter in Grafton. She’s had a crush on Chance Coalson since he offered her his handkerchief at her momma’s funeral. But she’s smart enough to know that it takes a special woman to tame a charmer like Chance, and there’s nothing particularly special about her.
When fire breaks out at the Coalson’s construction business and Chance is trapped inside, Georgia braves the flames to save him, only to discover her “crush” has morphed into love. And she’s helpless to hide her desire.
Chance awakens to find an angel breathing life into his lungs with a kiss. The woman he wanted more than any other was the one who paid the “Casanova of the County” no mind.
So how does a man with a bad reputation convince a shy firefighter that he’s worth taking a chance on love?
By fighting fire with fire…..


What an interesting storyline of two people who bond at a young age. Georgia was brought up in Missy Dee’s foster home after her mother passes away. She vows never to be a burden to her or anyone like she felt she was to her dad and that’s why he couldn’t be faithful or stay with her mom. So, at a young at she started erecting walls against all men but secretly loved Chance.

When she saves Chance from a fire as a volunteer firefighter that night she realizes it is not just a crush she loves him. Which scares the hell out of her. So, after some time recouping Chance decides to go hang out at the daycare she and Missy Dee have. When she sprains her ankle he jumps at the opportunity to be around her more because the fire made this playboy know who he wants full time in his life. He just never counted on fifteen young kids taking him out so fast. How does she do it every day?

They do become closer than... you’ll have to read. Georgia takes everything over the top which can get a little much but the other characters even it out.

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