My Brother's Best Friend (Forbidden Alphas Book 1)


My Brother’s Best Friend -
An Older Man Younger Curvy Woman Steamy Sweet Romance

First, he took my breath away with a kiss, then he stole my heart when he left…
After three long years, Noah’s back in town and looking to continue from where we left off.
Now a rich and powerful businessman, as well as seriously hot, as he always was, I’m fighting the urge of letting him finish what he started.
It would be so easy to give in to my desires if only he wasn't my brother’s best friend.

I’m super excited to return home, but most of all I’m excited to see Jane. Little does she know that I’ve kept a flame for her all these years.
The last time I saw her we shared a forbidden kiss…
This time I want to go all the way!

‘My Brother’s Best Friend’ is a short instalove romance packed with steamy love scenes, sweetness, and a happily-ever-after. This standalone novella, which is part of a series, can be enjoyed in any order.


The thing I liked best about this is the communication between the brother and his friend especially when it came down to Jane. And Simon, her brother truly believes in his friend. Not like some stories the brother likes his friend until he sees him out with his sister. Then, why is he your friend if you can’t trust him with your sister? Lol! Just a story got it.

Anyway, you will enjoy the energy and passion once this couple gets it together. They grew up together even though her brother and Noah are almost ten years older than she is. They always included here as being a friend when hanging out.

The night before Noah’s going away party Jane turns eighteen. So, at his going away party he kisses Jane. To him it was real to her it was first a dream come true, then a nightmare, because she starts worrying if her brother finds out or worse Noah was too drunk and made a mistake.

So, when three years have passed and she finds out Noah’s coming home for a visit. She’s excited until she is told he is staying with them for (Simon & Jane) three weeks. Very fun short read.

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