Knock Out (Beautiful Boxers, #1)

 KNOCK OUT                                                        WILLOW JAMES

Brodie King has only one goal - doing whatever it takes to become a pro boxer. The last thing he wants is to find his mind and body derailed by a luscious, shy librarian. Now all he can think about is coaxing her to come out of her shell and how he's going to make her his.

Humiliated by the only man she ever let into her bed, Tabitha Simms took the job in Walton, MA, determined to play it safe and accept her life as a lonely, quiet librarian. She doesn't count on Brodie, a tattooed, possessive boxer interrupting her life and bringing out a side of her she never knew.

Knock Out is a sweet, steamy romance and is the first short read in the Beautiful Boxers Series. If you love possessive, alpha men, curvy women, hot love scenes, and instalove all wrapped up in a sweet, sexy story then grab a glass of wine and curl up in your favorite spot, because this one is for you


Tabatha is a librarian who has curves and her friend says rocks in a dress, but because a guy she dated in college has low self-esteem. So now living in a new town taking the job as a librarian she is just hoping to get through each day without being noticed.
Works for her until a remodel at the library and she meets one of the construction workers by the name of Brodie, who also is working his way through the boxing ranks. He sees and thinks she is a knockout. After asking her out for a date and being turned down he gets another chance when her cat gets stuck in a pipe. After the rescue, he is able to take her out.
Their night is good, great really for both the problem for him is she is nowhere to be found when he wakes in the morning. Now wanting to be with her he must really step out of his comfort zone and hope she shows for his fight. Tabitha felt bad for leaving but felt she had to do it, but later in the day she realizes she must face one of her fears and go to his boxing match, this is really where the story becomes a true love story. A wonderful story with good characters and is also a quick read. Very much worth your time. I received this book from I gave it 4 stars Follow us at

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