Tempted: An Enemies-to-Lovers Mafia Romance (Mafia Sinners Book 1)

TEMPTED                                                     ANNA RAY

This was supposed to be just business. No one said anything about falling in love.

I can’t stand Daniel Marino. He’s an insufferable flirt, a womanizer, and all he seems to care about is money—and sex. But he’s also the one paying me, and I need the money too much to turn down the job. Still, I feel like there must be more to him than a businessman and a playboy. If only he would let me see it.

Laura Byrne is the first woman to resist me in years. The moment she stepped into my office, I knew I wanted her in my bed. I might be her boss, but she still doesn’t back down from my challenges. And it just makes me want her more. The longer I spend pursuing her, the more I realize this isn’t just about sex anymore. It’s about making her mine.

Daniel and Laura will have to navigate a rough road to become closer, and even if their differences don’t tear them apart, Daniel’s mafia enemies might.

Read on to see how the sparks fly when these two heated personalities collide!

Tempted is the first book in the Mafia Sinners Series and can be read as a standalone Enemies-To-Lovers Mafia Romance.


A mafia romance book. Daniel is a son of a mafia Don and has stayed away from the family’s business while building his own real estate business. Feeling satisfied and looking for more he has decided to join ranks. Going to his father and also the meeting with the families.
While this is going on Laura needs a job and gets one working as his assistant. She does not take any of his shenanigans and gives back and as much as he gives to her. She had heard about his family but had not seen or heard anything about that fact.
Things change when he needs her to act as his wife with a business meeting with a low level want a be crime boss. Her is when the story picks up between the two of them as well as the story with his family and the low-level crime guy, he was meeting. I liked the characters and the story was good, and a quick read. I received this book from Netgalley.com Follow us at www.1rad-readerreviews.com


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