Watch Me (Phoenix #1)

 WATCH ME                                                   STACEY KENNEDY

Zoey Parker has a three-step plan for revenge. First, gain entrance to the ultra-exclusive, upscale sex club, Phoenix. Second, act out her wildest fantasy in front of powerful old rivals, proving that they didn’t break her. Third, disappear and never return. The only kink in her plan? Rhys Harrington, the owner of Phoenix and the one man she needs to stay away from…

Rhys’ high-end clients pay extravagant amounts to watch his stars indulge their desires. Rhys’ only rule? Watch, don’t touch. But one look at Zoey and Rhys decides to participate in the show himself. And when an undeniable passion ignites between them, Rhys knows he wants more. Except Zoey is determined to run… and he is determined to find out why.

When Rhys discovers Zoey’s secret, he shocks her by offering his protection… and a no-strings-attached relationship. But Zoey knows there will be more on the line than just her pleasure. Because Rhys’ sizzling touch doesn’t only capture her body, it also commands her heart


Zoey Parker’s life changes one night in college. It is days later when she is shown by her two friends a video that was being aired around campus. Her final months of college were horrible and her dreams of becoming a veratrin were stopped. Now working at a pet salon and actually with two real friends it is two years later. She lives in Brooklyn wanting to do one more thing and then go home to Colorado where she is from.
The night at the sex club is all exclusive you must be a member and pay a high membership fee. Only the wealthy belong. This night though the main attraction is a man is to take a virgin in the middle of the club. All wearing masks it is when the female and the male eyes met that an attraction is felt. That is intensified as they begin and before you know it is like they are the only ones there. Before that connection, she lifted her mask just enough so her two video takers from college see her and leave in shock. She is surprised when the man she is with is actually the owner of the club is Rhy, now Zoey who is asked to stay leaves when no one is looking.
Here is when the story becomes good for the next day his security man shows up at her place to bring her back to the club. He finds out how she was able to get into the security and other parts of the club and Rhy is actually intrigued by her. The two of them become an item and for someone who did not want to be seen, she allowed herself to be seen a few more times. This turns out to be a good one and with all of the different characters this really adds to the flow of the story. I can’t wait for the story with Elsie and Archer for he met his match with her. A good story with hot sex scenes.
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