Ellie (Curvy Girls Can, #5)

 ELLIE                                                                   SADIE KING


Only Brennan Jacobs could make me agree to a five-mile fun run. I’ve had a crush on him ever since I can remember. 
But this body wasn’t made to run. The training is grueling, the other runners are mean, and every time I see Brennan I’m hot and sweaty, and not in a good way. 
But I’m determined to finish, no matter what the cost. 

I’m back from the military to look after Mom, and I’m at a loose end. When I set up a charity fun run in Dad’s memory, one of the perks is getting to spend time training with Ellie Smith.
She’s smart, she’s funny, and she may just be running away with my heart.

Ellie is book five in the Curvy Girls Can series. Short, sweet, and steamy insta-love stories about women with big curves, big attitudes, and big dreams and the alpha men who are man enough to love them.

High heat, oh so sweet, and always with a happily ever after. Each book in the series is standalone. No cliffhangers.


Ellie always had a crush on Brennan the older neighbor boy from across the street since she was eight, and he stood up for her against her bully. Until the day he left to join the military when she was fourteen and he was eighteen only getting glimpses of him when she was home from college and him on leave. Unfortunately, this time his father has passed away. His mom being wheelchair-bound and a younger brother to be raised he felt the ten years he gave serving would now be better served with his family.

Ellie being a curvy girl she’s allergic to exercise. So, of course, walking home from the local market on a small incline to her childhood home she is sweating bullets. Her clothing sticking to everything meaning curve and bump. When a car pulls up across the street and out steps yup, Brennan. She’s looking so closely she runs into a tree, of course, that’s when he notices her. Runs to greet her.

He is excited to see her talking about how long it’s been. She gives her condolences about his father which saddens him but he tells her although he was unable to attend due to being on a special mission he was pleased to hear she went and that means a great deal to him. After his mom call for the groceries and before stepping in he calls out to her letting her know how pleased he is to see her again.

The next day forgetting he is around she goes to get her dad the paper out of the mailbox wearing her robe when she notices in the distance someone jogging and taping something to the mailboxes. She knows it’s him. Before she can make it safely back inside he calls to her. Saying he’ll be sponsoring a 5k fun run for prostate cancer in honor of his dad. He asks her to join. She says she will sponsor him but she’s never done one and she can’t even begin to imagine that it would ever be fun.

He says he will be starting training runs and that all levels of runners will be coming he’s sure. Nope! No, as low as her but Brennan kept back with her until she needs to walk to breathe. Telling him other runners needed encouragement he said ok but he would stop at a mile mark to cheer her on again. For Brennan, he was figuring out she is as sweet and humble as the girl she always was. But so interesting, intelligent, funny and someone he wants in his life.

See the plans to bring this together or does an old bully of Ellie’s pull the rug out from under them both before it can be explored. Free on kindle unlimited.

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