Promises in the Dark (Detectives Kane and Alton #10)

PROMISES IN THE DARK                                D.K. HOOD

 The young girl pushes against the backseat of the family sedan, fighting to free herself from the crude ties restricting her hands and feet. As the car speeds toward the edge of town, she looks back at her family home and watches in horror as it suddenly explodes in a mass of flames. Trembling with fear, she turns toward the driver and hears only laughter. She knows that the worst is yet to come...

Detective Jenna Alton surveys the charred remains of the large suburban home, stopping to pause at the three lifeless bodies of the Woods family. Jenna knows she's looking for a serial killer, but her priority is finding the missing teenage daughter last seen on the night of the inferno.

Days later, Sophie Woods's body is discovered floating in a shallow pool of crystal-clear water - known locally as Dead Man's Drop - but Jenna still doesn't know who would target the quiet family in such a brutal attack.

Delving into the family's past, she makes a shocking discovery - a link between the killer and someone connected to her deputy David Kane. If Jenna is right and the killer is back and seeking revenge, then she must act fast to keep her deputy safe.

When another girl is taken, Jenna and David follow the trail into a network of underground caves on the outskirts of town. With little time before the killer claims his next victim, they race into the pitch-black tunnels, unsure whether they have just walked into the killer's trap. Can they find the girl in time and escape the caves without the killer chasing them down?


This book opens with a bang and really doesn’t stop until the end. After the opening pages with the man driving away with a young girl in the back seat of his car, then she hears the explosion of her home you the reader know you are in for a ride. Really though it only gets better. For after that it is not Jenna and Dave, but Jo and Cater the new team and they call in Wolfe. Jenna and Dave well at least Dave is bored and soon they are called in to help Jo and Carter.
When later it is discovered that who was thought to be the D.C. bomber who killed Dave’s wife and changed his life forever. Was not the person, no that person they think or at least Carter thinks is the man who destroyed this family’s home and took the young girl. Dave goes into a metal funk turning white and Jenna helps to say he gets migraines at times. He doesn’t even know how Carter got some of the information he has for it was to be classified way above his pay grade.
Once the girl is found at the bottom of the falls this sets off another set of events and throughout this story, they are steps behind the person. You feel like you the reader should know who the person is and will be surprised when you find out. I also thought Carter would make the connection with Kane but never did. You finally get an end to Dave’s past he can bury finally his wife. Maybe, just maybe there might be something with him and Jenna for he did not like Carter sniffing around.
Another fantastic story that will keep you wanting to stay up late at night at least I did read this book once you start. Again, all of the characters are good and very much worth the read. I received this book from I gave it 5 stars. Follow us at

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