Trusting Skylar (Silverstone #1)

TRUSTING SKYLAR                                       SUSAN STOKER

Former military operative Carson “Bull” Rhodes hasn’t dated seriously since he and his teammates left the army. Since then he’s opened Silverstone Towing—which is a front for his other job: hired killer. When kindergarten teacher Skylar Reid calls for help while stranded on the side of the interstate, the attraction is instant. The problem is Bull’s career has jaded him. Skylar’s innocent, and he wants to keep her that way.

Cautious by nature, Skylar never expected to fall in love with her tow truck driver. Even so, once Bull reveals what he really does for a living, she’s not sure she can handle it. When Skylar faces threats that have nothing to do with Bull’s job but are just as deadly, the stakes are higher than ever.

With the help of the Silverstone team, Bull will use everything he’s learned over the years to bring the woman he loves home—because the alternative is unthinkable.


The author's new series starts with the end of Raven’s book from the Mountain Mercenaries. Returning from their mission to take out the man who had taken his friend's wife and kidnaped many others, he remembers back to his last mission with Delta and how they ended up leaving the Army. When they started Silverstone, he never thought it would have gotten so big but the towing service has grown which is a cover for their real job.
Once back he goes out on a run with one of the original trucks to help a stranded driver. Once there he goes into security mode on the woman but he is still coming down from the mission. Helping with her car getting towed to a shop to be repaired he also follows her home when the shop owner gives her a loaner car.
Skylar is really caseous in life and can’t believe that she is attracted to a man like Carson “Bull” Rhodes. As the story moves along you see the two of them have a connection but Bull is afraid when she finds out what they really do she will bolt. That is what happens but she has her own problems happening as well when she tries to stop someone from taking one of her students. She also gets a different look at real-life from her neighbor. Overall, I really liked this book and all of the characters including the back story. A very good first book to start a series with. I received this book from I gave it 5 stars. Follow us at

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