Posted:  Nov. 24, 2013

More Than a Feeling by Clare  Cole  When Amy Reid hooked up with rock superstar Rick Borrell, she knew she would be in for a wild ride. But nothing like this…

Rick’s son, Luke, has been kidnapped and he and Amy face a desperate race against time to find and rescue him. What they fail to realise is just how dangerous their life is about to get and how Amy, in particular, faces an unseen threat that could prove fatal…

An 11,000 word romance sequel featuring a curvy, sharp-minded beauty and the alpha male rockstar who will do anything to protect her.


This is the third story “More Than A Feeling” I got from the Rockstar Romance Box Set that was offered on that I know was offered on Amazon also, free or 99 cents at one time so keep your eyes peeled.
Now for the Review:

     Wow, can I just say I love the way this author writes.  She yes has erotica in it, which by the way is not a lot in this one.  Hot I do have to say when she does right it, but if she took it out her books would still be good if they were just longer.  More action, description, and emotion in these 35 pages then a lot of authors put in 800.  Which I totally loved.

     I have to say though her erotic scenes are not bad they do hit the mark but not over the top. This story however was my favorite so far for its descriptive qualities of emotions and action. The way Amy describes what she is feeling when Rick runs out of the van and into the warehouse is just amazing.  The unknown twist and turns were excellent too.  For 35 pages this author can keep you totally engaged in each of her characters thoughts and emotions.
     I know a lot are having a problem with the way they are coming out and the pricing applied so she may want to rethink that but I’m sure if you keep checking you will find that Amazon will either have the books themselves or the box set of the Rockstar Romances either free or for 99 cents again.  I paid 99 cents for this third book because I couldn’t wait to see what happened.  Now the 4th is due out any day.  This book is also a cliffhanger. 

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