RUN TO YOU                                           CLARE COLE
Posted:  Nov. 24, 2013

Run to You by Clare  Cole  Six months after rock superstar Rick Borrell swept her off her feet, Amy Reid’s life has been turned upside down. Rick’s solo album has been a huge success and Amy finds herself accompanying him to the Grammy Awards, where her sexy curves catch everyone’s attention.

Behind the scenes, though, a bandmate and his devious brother have plans to scupper Rick’s solo career at any cost, putting Amy in grave danger that Rick must race to save her from…


This is the second story “Run To You” I got from the Rockstar Romance Box Set that was offered on that I know was offered on Amazon also, free or 99 cents at one time so keep your eyes peeled.
Now for the Review:

     Hold on to your hats the erotica in this one is intense.  But, there are only a few scenes but they are steaming hot.  The love and respect these two have for one another as a couple does shine through and that makes it a whole lot easier to get through or skim over in some cases.

     The story part of it is a really good continuation of the first story “New Sensations,” with Amy Reid and Rick Borrell.  Their relationship becomes much more intense as his or really both of their careers has taken off.

     Not only that this book also includes Luke his son, Julia Luke’s mom, and Julia’s husband Michael.  Now that his new album has made it he has to deal with his band.  They are not happy especially since he has just won a Grammy for the solo album.  You will not believe the lengths they will go to, to let him know just how unhappy they really are.

     Julia’s talk with Amy while Rick and she were visiting the family at their home about helping Rick stay out and away from the band members scares her and puts her on alert.  Not to mention that while watching Luke, Michael & Rick play in the yard she can’t help notice that Luke looks nothing like Julia for being his mother, why is that?  You may have to wait until the 3rd or 4th book to find out.  There is a wild cliffhanger but it is so good I am paying the 99 cents to find out what happens I can’t wait. 

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