New Sensation (Curves for the Rockstar, #1)

NEW SENSATION                                       CLARE COLE
Posted:  Nov. 24, 2013

New Sensation by Clare  Cole  Amy's life is about to get rocked by an alpha hunk who always gets what he wants...

Down on her luck and working two jobs to make ends meet, curvy redhead reporter Amy Reid's life is turned upside down when she is assigned to interview international rock superstar Rick Borrell for her magazine. The lead singer of Beautiful Losers is instantly smitten by Amy's sexy curves and sharp mind and, in one wild and crazy weekend, is determined to sweep her off her feet and into his arms.

But forces are conspiring against them...for Rick has a secret that the press is about to reveal that threatens to destroy his fledgling romance with Amy and turn her normally sedate life into a whirlwind of rock star chaos and front page headlines...

A 12,500 word erotic BBW romance featuring a hunky alpha male rockstar who always gets what he wants and a sexy, curvy girl who just can't resist him! Contains explicit content - adults only.


First off this first story “New Sensation” I got from the Rockstar Romance Box Set that was offered on that I know was offered on Amazon also, free at one time so keep your eyes peeled.

     Now for the Review:

     Amy Reid was a photographer by trade self-taught since childhood you could say.  Her father had a love for it so he naturally taught her what he knew but she just had this natural raw talent.  He allowed her self-expression and to do her own developing at home.  Opening a whole new world to her always.  Seeing the world and people through the eyes of a child which gave her an edge to see the true subject when she took this shots.

     Now full grown and twenty nine in London with a job she hates.  The economy is tanking and so are her finances.  The music magazine that she is working for is doing cut backs so they have her not only doing the photo shoots but the writing of the articles too.  Which she hates.  This is where she meets international lead singer for “Beautiful Loser,” Rick Borrell.

     She is on this photo shoot interview and there was an instant attraction and connection to Rick.  Right away he was complementing her on some of the pictures she had taken for another band for a layout. They talked about each other’s cologne and perfume and so much more.  She was unsure if this was just his Rocker persona or a way to make the “Fat Chick” feel good. When she said something to his reference of him throwing her over his shoulder and carrying her away, she stopped him and said,


“Throw me over your shoulder, eh?  I’m a little too big for that.  I might give you a slipped disc.  You wouldn’t be able to stand or   do anything for six months and you’d hate me forever.” 

     “Well, now, just stop there for a moment.” 

I lower my camera and looked at him, his expression changing to one of curiosity.

     “Firstly, I don’t want to be responsible for doing anything that could make me hate you forever.  Not when our obvious love affair has only just begun.”

I smiled nervously and pushed a loose strand of my long red hair behind my ear.

     “Secondly, don’t you make any of those silly comments about yourself.  If you don’t know how gorgeous you are, then I’m going to have to be the one to tell you.  Corny, I know, but I like a woman to look like one, not like a matchstick.”

     I was floored, but also slightly suspicious.  Was he just being kind?  “Thanks,” I replied.  “But you don’t need to flatter me.  You must have gorgeous women throwing themselves at you day in and day out.”

     He crossed his legs, put his hands in his pockets and looked straight at me.  God, those eyes were beautiful.  “I was reading a magazine on the plane over here – Esquire, I think it was.  They had one of those polls they do every year, ‘Sexiest Woman in the World’ or something.  You know who won?”

I shook my head.

     “Christina Hendricks.  You know, the actress with loads of cleavage and a figure that Hollywood likes to describe as ‘curvy’?  And I agree.  In fact, the results weren’t even close.  She annihilated the rest of the competition.  If it wasn’t for her, Mad Men would have no sexiness in it whatsoever.”

     I started taking photographs again, partly because I needed more and partly so I could hide once again beind the lens, taking the focus off me.  “That’s kind, but I’m no Christina Hendricks.”

     “Whoa there,” he said, walking forward grabbing the front of my camera.  He gently lowered it and spoke to me softly, the smell of the Hugo Boss aftershave now just inches from my nostrils, causing a million tiny butterflies to dance around my stomach.  “What would make you think that?  You have an amazing body, gorgeous red hair, and you’re absolutely beautiful.  It’s taken everything in my power not to plant a kiss on those full, soft, red lips of yours.”
End of excerpt

Now ladies & gents that is the basis of the whole book series.  If you missed this part then you are not going to get this series at all.  This is a love story but with erotica.  So, if you would like to see how this romance begins then you can go on and start here.  You need to know this author brakes her series up into shorts of about 35 pages.  But after this first one I was hooked on this couple the second one was better and the third one forget about it.  I just can’t wait for the fourth.

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