Posted:  Nov. 20, 2013

One Night in the Ice Storm by Noelle  Adams  The ice will melt between one hot night.

When Rachel arrives in her hometown for the Christmas holiday, she doesn't expect to be stranded alone in an ice storm with David Harris. David is her brother's best friend, and she's known him all her life. She lost her virginity to him. And he's the one man she can never forgive.

Despite all of the reasons she knows not to trust him, she finds herself falling for him again as they try to keep warm in the storm. No matter how irresistible she still finds him, she definitely plans to resist.

But everything changes in only one night.

Contemporary romance novella.


David was Rachel’s brothers Brad’s best friend.  During the summer eight years ago, Rachel lost something to David that she can never get back and she will never forgive him for it.  David never saw it that way, he saw it as the time that would always bind them together.

     It is the day before Christmas Eve and she is on her way to spend some time with her mom and brother for the holidays.  She was let out of work early and therefore no one was expecting her until much later in the evening.  When she arrives there is no one home and the storm that was expected much later arrives early and she is worried that her mom and brother will be out in it.

     When she gets a call from her brother saying that mom & him are in town doing some last minute shopping for Christmas and well they are now stuck there due to the storm.  So, therefore they will be staying at his place overnight.  Then Brad dropped the bomb.

     David, her ex would be stopping by to pick up a tool Brad had barrowed and never returned.  Not only that but that David might just end up stuck there with her during this storm since the roads were now closing faster and faster.  Rachel was not happy.

     All the old feeling she has love, sadness, and anger come rushing back.  All the things she tried so hard to hide and forget each time she came home for a visit and especially since David and Brad were still great friends.  She had already lost her heart and virginity to David the only thing she had left was her pride. 
     So, when he had left her 8 years ago after their night of sweet love making then never gives her the time of day or calls her she does the same to him to this day.  Oh, he tries to be nice and talk but she shuts him down.  Being trapped changes everything and secrets to why he never called is revealed as this sweet heart felt Christmas short unfolds.

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