Curvy Women:Be the Best Curvy Woman You Can Be!

Be the Best Curvy
You can be!
"Men prefer women with 10-15 lbs more weight than women think we want.
Toned is ideal, not “skinny”.
Strive to be the “you” with the healthiest, fittest body possible. Not the “skinniest”.
Don’t be afraid of weight. Having some muscle is good, but weighs more.
Forget waist-size, learn about body-ratios.
Your attitude and confidence go a long way in making you attractive.
If you want other people to love the way you look, you need to make sure you love the way you look first."
- eric charles
When I came across this article on curvy women and saw this statement from Mr. Charles I just thought it was the closes to the way I believe.  I don’t think there are many women that get up in the morning and say, “Honey now that I am married (given birth or not, married or not) I am going to get fat, unhealthy, and be a slug.  Okay?”
I do truly feel that Mr. Charles is talking the truth when he says that we have to have the attitude to make ourselves feel attractive and others will see us shine no matter what.  Yes, there are always going to be those “HATERS.”
There just is.  You just have to be able to work around them.  But you just can’t have those “HATERS” being your loved ones. 
I know I have had girlfriends in the past that have had husbands and boyfriends that have in front of us said rude comments to them about their weight or just plain said, “Why can’t you look like that chick there?  You need to go on a diet.”  Or just checking out other women while their wife/girlfriend is right there with us at the table.  Really dude?  How does a person do that? Never really paying attention to how that makes them feel.  This goes for women too, who have been men who have let themselves go.  It is not just one sided we know that right ladies?  What has been so enlightening to me has been some very good writers that have told some really good stories that have showed me how I have and do still use that stinkin’ thinkin’ to run my life.
 I may have lost more than 130 lbs. yet my head doesn't always remember. Yet as I was at my top weight in my head, even then, I still carried myself with pride and respect.  Just as Mr. Charles talked about.  As I mentioned before in another one of my blogs for this section I made sure my hair was done, my make-up and I was dress so I felt my best. 
Here are books I would recommend that have been fun to read and so enlightening as to see some of my m.o.’s in action:
Worth The Weight (The Worth, #1)
On the Plus Side (Chubby Girl Chronicles, #1)
Big and Beautiful, the BBW Erotica Bundle
Christmas with the Millionaire Cowboy (BBW)
Lush Curves: The Complete Series
Their Ex's Redrock Part One

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