I am so sorry I guess Sugar's publicist over booked her for her Q & A’s and we were one of the blogs that lost. So, I am so sorry to say we get NOTHING!  I do have the review of her book, which I loved.

THROWN FOR A CURVE                         SUGAR JAMISON
Posted:  Feb. 16, 2014

Thrown for a Curve by Sugar JamisonWHEN YOU’RE A big girl
Cherri has often wished she were thin and graceful like a ballerina instead of being a six-foot-tall blonde with curves that require serious caution. Surely a charming Irishman like her new boss Colin, with his throaty brogue and to-die-for bod, would never go for someone like Cherri. Unless maybe he’s looking for the exact opposite of a delicate lass?  
there’s more of you to love
When Colin hired Cherri to work in his furniture-restoration shop, he had his eyes, first and foremost, on her artistic talents. But now he can’t help but see Cherri for the lush, spirited beauty that she is…and, soon enough, he finds himself mixing business with pleasure. But Cherri turns out to be more vulnerable than she appears. Is she in need of more than Colin can give? Or could it be that a feeling stronger than lust has him thrown for a curve?
Praise for Sugar Jamison’s Dangerous Curves Ahead
Dangerous Curves Ahead is laugh out loud funny and super sexy, with unique characters you can't help but love!”—New York Times bestselling author Lori Foster
   This story revolves around Charlotte “Cherri” Rudy, 22, and Colin O’Connell, 34.  Two lonely souls stuck in a rut.  Hers is caring for her 75 year old grandma “Baba” a Ukrainian woman.  She still has a problem with the English language and all its phrases.  Which makes her a hoot.  What’s not a hoot is she’s ill and she is very forgetful, which can cause some funny, sad, and scary moments for Cherri.
     Cherri knows Colin through her best friends Belinda and Ellis who she works for.  Ellis is a newlywed and is married to Mike and ex-cop, and Colin is Mike’s best friend.  They have been friends since college.  She is not just take by have for his fantastic looks but he could talk his way into your heart with that Irish accent. 
Cherri had started working for Ellis and Belinda at such a young age (2 years ago) they all think of her not only as their friend but as their little sister.  So, the protectiveness is there.
     When Mike notices a small spark of interest between Cherri and Colin at Cherri’s Birthday Party he warns Colin off.  Then, as fate would have it meet-cutes keep happening for them.  The two of them become entwined as bantering friends.  Until Cherri’s 42 year old vet ask Cherri ask her out in front of Colin and he realizes his interest is more than friends which worries him.  Baba has become important to him since the first meet-cut and he told Cherri he would return Rufus her dog to the house and check on her grandma.  So, now he visits her several times a week without Cherri knowing.
     Next thing you know she shows up at his shop asking him to fix something precious to her Baba.  She can’t pay so he says she can paint something on a stool as payment.  He is able to sell it and get her another job and more money.  He know she really needs it since he sees how tired she always is and how the house they are living in is falling apart around them and she is living in a part of the house with not heating.  So while he is visiting with her grandma he fixes things for her without her knowing.  Then, he there is so many people that find out about her painting that he hires her to work with him at his shop to doing what she loves full time which is paining.  One thing leads to another and…
     It’s not going to be that easy you’ll have to read it but I’ll have to tell you once again Sugar finds a way to show a curvy girl at her most beautiful self and the man who loves her and truly sees her true self.  Not her flaws that she sees but the curves and the heights that perfectly to him.  She poor Cherri has a hard time understanding that since Colin is a 10+ and women drool over him.
     Being they both had abandonment issues they had a hard time saying the words, “I love you!”  They tried showing it, the miscommunications caused for some tense, funny, sad, and tearful times.  Yet, at the end you know you still have to say those 3 little words because sometimes you just need and want to her them from those you love.  You are left with a wonderful sense of HEA and family when you finish this book and that is always a nice way to end any book.  This book was provided by netgalley.

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