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     What a truly endearing story.  There was so much going on that you have no time at all to get bored that is for sure.  The character development is nicely done.  I feel she gave each lead character the right amount of background information to make you feel like you were old friends or family with each one.
     The story line revolves around Ginny Michaels, 33 years old, a former high school teacher.  She has a sister Julie who she now works with at her bakery, “Just Desserts”, truly her sisters dream come to life.  Her mom, Faith, a young widow at 51 years old, lost her husband Chris, just over a year ago, to a massive heart attack.  Her mom now runs their B & B “Grey Lady.”
     Ginny is no longer a teacher due to a student who came into her classroom with a gun, shooting her and a female student, then turning the gun on himself.  All due to “Bullying.”  His family blame her, for all of theirs sons actions.   She does live but can’t go back into teaching again.  She decides to help her sister fulfill her dream by opening the bakery.
     She goes to Atlantic City to attend her cousin Deb’s Bachelorette Party.  All was fine until she was roped into a dare.  After downing several shots she was goaded into going up to “Mr. Dangerous,” 1.)Kissing him, 2.) Giving him her number, and 3.) Asking him on a date…
     Meet “Mr. Dangerous,” Wes Dalton, 34 years. Old, from Las Vegas.  He was in Atlantic City on business for the real estate company he owns, where he is trying hotelier to go to the east coast.  The guy is dragging his feet which is okay because Wes’ dad is ill, so he needs to be home some 45 minutes away.
     Not really his home but his dad and brother’s home.  But he knows after losing his mom how important family is.  He feels guilty too because when his dad had the cancer after his mom had just passed he didn’t come to help.  All the emotions and anger from their divorce surfaced and the pain from his mom dying got to him.
     So, he needs to be there to build new healthier relationships with his brothers, Jake (32), Seth (31), and TJ (30).  Once he figures out how to get them to stop hating him.  Then he needs to say sorry to his dad, will he have the time he needs?
     Come see what lays ahead and see how both families become an active part of the odd twosome.  There were some loose ends that didn’t get answered but still was a good book.  The thing I liked best about this book and if you are a return reader you would know this about me is the family saga.  I love them!  This one line in the story just says it all, and I think it is one of my new favorites of which I do have many…”Humiliation, thy name is family.”  I give this book 5 stars.  Follow us at:
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