RODEO REBEL                                                  DONNA ALWARD
Posted:  June 20, 2014

Rodeo Rebel by Donna AlwardThe Barons, six tight-knit siblings—loud, daring and loyal—are about to discover that love can be as rough as the rodeo. Bestselling author Donna Alward introduces the exciting Texas Rodeo Barons series with her charming prequel novella, Rodeo Rebel.
Back in the ring
As the first female bull rider in her circuit, Megan Robertson needs to focus. But all she can think about is her ex, Pax Lantry. Megan knew their paths would cross again—she just wasn't prepared for the effect it would have on her. More surprising than the old heartache is the jolt of pure attraction she still feels for him.
Even after five years, Pax has never gotten over Megan. All it takes is seeing her, just once, for him to know that their connection is as strong as ever. But he's committed to his family's ranch and Meg has her own demanding career. It seems as if Pax and Megan have moved on, so why can't they let each other go?
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     This was a summer romance with plans to go somewhere called dreams.  At the end of the summer Megan Robertson leaves the ranch with tears falling after giving herself many times fully to the owners’ son Paxton Lantry who she fell in love with and he with her.
     The both had plans of using all forms of multimedia, phones, writing and weekend visits to keep their budding relationship growing.  They both had high hopes that they could make this work.  They knew it would be hard because Megs would have a full load of classes.  Her goals of becoming a Vet were mapped out.  Pax on the other hand always knew he wanted to take over the ranch from his dad one day.  It’s in his blood he loves it.
     Just a few days after moving into her dorm there’s a message on her machine saying that things were never really going to work out for them.  The long distance would get old and it was best if they just broke up.  She tries calling him back for days, emailing too and nothing…until 5 years later at the rodeo…
     This is a short but a nice HEA with cowboys, need I say more?  Really, there is a lot of heart in this short.  The author brings in the emotional conflict between Megs and Pax to make you want to continue reading.
     I give this book 5 stars.  I received this Free on Amazon. 
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