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1.) Clayton Kershaw Throws His First no-hitter

2.)  Another man who passed away over the weekend was Chuck Noll:
He is known for being the head coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers and the only coach to win 4 Super Bowls.
What people don’t know is that he played for the Cleveland Browns from 53’-59’ as a Guard & Linebacker.  Then with the beginning of the AFL he became the LA/San Diego Chargers (Defensive Line Coach 60’-61’) Then Defensive Coordinator & Defensive Back Coach 62’-65’.  This was under Sid Gillman’s time at the Chargers.  He then moved to the Baltimore Colts in the NFL as Defensive Coordinator when Shula was head Coach & was there when the Colts lost to the Jets in Super Bowl III.  Noll then became the 14th coach of the Steelers and the rest is history as they say.

3.) The Kings won their second cup in three years beating the Rangers in double overtime.  In game 5.


  1. tony gwynn, passed Monday. he was a career .338 avg 8 time batting champ 5 time gold glove 15 time all star. he had 3,141 hits. he reached those hits in the third fewest (2,224) games behind Cobb (2,135) & Nap Lajole (2,224).no player born after 1900 had reached 3,000 hits in fewer games or at bates than Gwynn. he hit above .300 a record 19 consecutive seasons, he hit above .350 5 consecutive years ( 93-97) his average being .368 those years. he led the NL in hits and average six times and his career average of .338 is the highest of anyone who began his career after WWII. he also never struck out n=more than 40 times in a season his career strike outs are 434 and there are some players today that reach that total in two years. he also stole 319 bases. and what most people don't know is that when he was attending San Diego State he played basketball and was drafted by the Clippers. he will be missed.

  2. The Spurs beat the Heat i would say pretty convincingly to win the N.B.A. Championship. It was really a team win and other than James for the Heat no one seemed to get it going. The Spurs proved that it is a team game not a one man show.

  3. i was glad that the kings won their second cup. i can remember watching there games in the 70s & 80s and it seemed like when things were looking up for them something would happen to step them back. in the 90s again looked good but the early part of the 2000s was not looking so hot until they brought in Lombardi and he started bringing in players through draft & trades and then Sutter as the coach and everything started to click. GO KINGS!

  4. talk to you next week have a good week .


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