HOLD ON TIGHT                                   SERENA BELL
Posted:  10/6/14

Hold on Tight by Serena BellFighting for his country gave Jake Taylor’s life shape and meaning. Now as an injured war hero he struggles to find purpose, until he runs into the gorgeous woman he dated briefly—and disastrously—before being deployed eight years ago. Turns out Jake doesn’t just need to figure out how to be a civilian . . . he also needs to learn how to be a dad.

Eighteen, pregnant, and totally lost, Mira Shipley couldn’t track down the soldier who fathered her child, so she put college on hold and focused on making a good life for her son. Now she’s determined to be something more than Sam’s mom, her parents’ daughter, or Jake’s girl—as hot as she finds her old flame’s take-charge attitude in and out of bed. Soon Mira and Jake realize that their passion didn’t disappear when Sam was conceived—and that instead of running away, sometimes it’s better to hold on tight.

 This story for all intent and purposes should have never even have been a couple in a true sense of the word.  You see Mira Shipley had just turned 18 a month ago and she was getting ready to leave for college.  When she told her father she was going to art school not regular college her father being the controlling man he is said no.  She knew that he was not paying for it.  She got pissed off and she and a friend went out bowling where they met up with some guys.  The guys she up with were at the bowling alley where she and friend where at.  The guy she ended up with was Jake Taylor.
     Jake Taylor is 20 and leaving for Afghanistan in a week.  So neither was looking for more than a one night stand.  Once he gets her all hot and bothered he figures out this will be her first time or one of her few times she will be having sex.  They decide to end up at the lake they decided to go skinny dipping.  They start to have sex except he only gets an inch in and she realizes he is not jacketed so they try again with the condom in place.
     This time he gets about a third of the way and it is to painful due to the girth of his penis.  He’s thinking they will try tomorrow since he had several more days on leave.  When he realizes she’s crying.  When she basically says that not only had she not been able to have sex with him due to his girth, but that she was getting to…then she asked before he could tell her not to.  She asked can we see each other when you come home on leave.  He said no, when everything in him was screaming yes.  She stands up and starts dressing and gathering all the things that she had brought with them all in silence.  She gets out of the car never looking back.  He wanted to jump out and say he changed his mind but he couldn’t. 
     8 years later she’s waiting in the physical therapy room for her 7 year old son, Sam.  When an amputee enters the waiting area.  He was muscular and stuck to himself.  When she turned around again to look at him she realized that it was HER Jake sitting there, NO!  Sam’s Jake. 
     She now Ms. Bell weaves such a believable yarn as they use to say.  She kept me engaged with the characters and wondering what would be happening next.  It gives you a real taste of what it is like for rejected serviceman. (As in no longer needed.)  Also, how they are so messed up mentally but that they also have medical needs.  I gave this 5 stars.
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