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Posted: Dec. 30, 2014

Sweet Girl by Cristin HarberA SWEET GIRL
Nicola Hart grew up under the heels of her older brother and his best friend, Cash Garrison. Years of ignoring the spark between her and Cash didn't keep their attraction from turning into a slow burn. Just shy of her twentieth birthday, Nicola needs to know: he wants her or he doesn't.

She's his best friend's little sister. The definition of hands off. Cash has tried to ignore her for years. Instead, he's looked at every pretty little thing who's crossed his path, all to ignore the girl he seems destined to want. But when half the school is interested in Nicola, it's time to stake a claim and hold the hand of the one he really loves.
Sweet Girl is the novel length prequel to best-selling Garrison's Creed. Before Cash and Nicola can fall in love forever, they have to suffer through their first love.
The Titan Series:
Book 1: Winters Heat (Colby Winters)
Book 2: Garrison's Creed (Cash Garrison)
Book 3: Westin's Chase (Jared Westin)
Book 4: Gambled (Brock Gamble)
Book 5: Chased (Asher McIntyre)
Book 6: Savage Secrets (Rocco Savage)
Book 7: Sweet Girl (Prequel to Garrison's Creed)- July 7, 2014
Book 8: Hart Attack (Roman Hart)- coming Fall 2014
Book 9: TBD (Parker's story)- coming late 2014


     Everyone but them knew they were a couple.  You see Nicola and Roman Hart grew up next to Cash Garrison.  They were three amigos.  Nic chased after her big brother and his best friend doing everything they did and almost as well she was tough.  Nicola, now 20, was always in love with Cash from as far back as she could remember.
     For Cash two years older it was his senior year homecoming dance when he was crowned king.  He was to dance with the queen of the dance which he did for a few turns.  But then he dropped her hand and walked right over to Nic in the crowd and put out his and asked for the dance.  She went, of course and at that moment for them everyone else fell away.  The brightness of her smile really made him feel like a king and from that moment he knew he wanted to be the one to put that smile on her face always.
     Roman being the over protective brother that he is warded off any and all guys as not being worthy of his fair sister.  Including Cash or especially since they were each other’s “Wingmen” most nights.  So, he knew his M.O.  After a long summer off before his senior year of not seeing her back home since she was doing an internship, he needed to make sure to make contact with her.
     On the other hand Nic was trying so hard to avoid him.  Why you ask?  Well, she couldn’t take it anymore.  He was constantly giving her mixed messages and she was so over it.  He was always hanging on her, touching her, kissing her temples, head, cheek and lips, holding her waist when talking to her up close and personal.  Let any other guy dare to try what Cash did and he would have a fit or he would have Cash take care of the guy for him.  Her brother never saying a word about Cash though not that she really minded.  She was over it!  He flirted with her too much and then turned around and did the same thing with his sluts.  Plus she was done being around him and her brother when they were hanging around their slut friends that they liked to bang at the parties that they went to.  He could have them it that is what he wanted but she didn’t have to stick around for it. 
     So, when they decided to step to the next level neither wanted Roman to know, then Cash did want him to know but Nic didn’t.  Until he saw how unplugged he could become over a guy that messed with his sister.  Enter into the world of New Adult fiction where the reading is fast paced, frighteningly funny, erotic, and an interesting read.
     I give this 5 stars.  Provided by Net Galley.  Follow us at:


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