Posted:  Jan. 23, 2015

Rescue Me by Serena BellGetting stood up on Valentine’s Day has taken Molly Mack places she never would have dared to go…

After Molly Mack’s deadbeat boyfriend dumps her on the most romantic day of the year, Molly finds herself pushed to the edge—and in a tight spot. The only rescuer for miles around is her grumpy, laconic—and piping hot—neighbor, Dave Jenkins. Before long, Molly and Dave have struck enough sparks to bring the fire department running. Now the question is, Does Molly still want to be rescued? Or is she exactly where she wants to be?

     Here you have two neighbors who saw each other daily but never really spoke.  Molly Mack and Dave Jenkins.  Molly outgoing and always smiling yet every time she met or saw Dave he never said "Hi!" or would even acknowledge her.  So, she could never introduce herself to him.  Yet, on Valentine's Day on of the most important days for a dating couple but especially Molly since she had taken a lot of time primping.  It was for her at least until about 45 minutes before Peyton was to pick her up. 
     Peyton calls and says that he has met someone new and that he just doesn't feel right taking anyone out but her and that he is very sorry for the late call that he felt bad for that.  But hoped she would understand and hangs up.  Molly was so mad that she threw her Jimmy Choo at the wall or so she thought.  But no just her luck it went out the window and got caught up on the tree.  So, she went out on the ledge and was reaching for it in fact over reaching for it and well not could not get it.  It was to far out.  When she finally looked at where she was as to her window, the ledge, and the street she froze in place.  Then, got the idea to sit and planned on scooting on her bottom to her window but the ledge was lined with tar paper and she was wearing a dress with no panties.  Can you say "road burn?"
     When all of a sudden she hears, "You know you shouldn't sit there?"  Was he joking is that what that was?  She couldn't see his face so she didn't know.  She said, "Thanks!"  Then their banter began and he starts to come up with solutions.  Dave her beautifully quiet man upstairs had a dry witty sense of humor.  Most of all her was being helpful.
     I really, really enjoyed this sweet Valentine's Day short.  I know you will enjoy it too.  That it was free when I got it made it even better.  Thanks Amazon!!!  I give this: 5 stars.

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