LOSERS LIKE US                                    DANIEL HOCHHALTER
Posted:  Feb. 11, 2015

Losers Like Us: Redefining Discipleship after Epic FailureIn 2008, after seven years of preparation, Daniel Hochhalter permanently failed his PhD, leaving him with no refunds, no transferable credits, no recourse to appeal or try again, and no hope of gaining the qualifications needed for his desired career. Then he lost his job. Devastated and in crisis, with no Plan B and no clue how to redeem his future, he looked to the twelve disciples and discovered that—despite their gaping faults and sins—God still loved them and used them to change the world.

With fresh warmth and wisdom, ample hope and humor, Losers Like Us skillfully intertwines Dan’s own story with theirs to show how our worst mistakes and greatest failures bring us to a place of teachableness, egolessness, brokenness, and empathy—the very qualifications required to receive God’s love and grace, and to manifest his kingdom on earth.

The author Daniel Hochhalter, picked this title because as he was sitting across from two people who had just told him that all of his work for hi PHD was for not, it was not accepted. He had no plan B. he felt like a lot of people like a failure. How could I spend so much time and money and come away with nothing to show for it. How I am I going to look to my family and friends, to my place of employment, will I still have a job? He then goes through his failure or not by writing about how each one of the disciples had short comings or failures. He brings these out from stories from his past but also through scripture and brings to life each one and you begin to see that they had fear, doubt, and other human short comings and this was after being with Jesus. How does a Zealot, a tax collector, and fishermen all seem to live and work together? This is all something I had never thought about before. What were the disciple’s lives before and what about during or after Christ? Then of course how did they, like us overcome our own short comings that at times makes us feel like a loser. This is a fascinating book and one that I really enjoyed reading. Maybe if he had gotten his PHD he would not have written this book, so in the long run he is a winner and God had the plan b all the time. A great book. I got this book from net galley.  5 Stars.

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