Posted:  Feb. 11, 2015

The Psalm 119 Experience: A Devotional Journey You Will Not ForgetThe Psalm 119 Experience: A Devotional Journey You Will Not Forget, invites you to discover a secret. In this inspiring devotional, you'll find daily encouragement for the challenges you face in life. Through five devotionals for each of the twenty-two sections in Psalm 119 you'll gain fresh insights into how God's word both challenges and consoles. 
Through this unique experience, author John Kramp invites readers to think, reflect, and to feel, to have an experience with God through this powerful, poetic psalm. If you chose to download the twenty-two songs written for each section (available on iTunes), readers will be able to memorize this entire psalm, drawing on the power of words and music to lock God's truth in your mind in heart. 
Imagine a day in the future when you will write in your journal, "Walked around the block repeating the 119th Psalm in great comfort." On that day, you'll understand the secret that Christians through centuries of church history have discovered; experiencing the Psalm 119 will change your walk with God for the rest of your life.


I found this to be a wonderful book that I actually read it twice before I decided to give my review. I had read Psalm 119 I don’t know how many times before but this was first time in a long time that I had really stopped and went slowly as the author suggested and kept a journal. I must say this Psalm would be on my mind throughout the day and would help me at times get out of myself and look at the good that surrounds me. He suggests singing my family is grateful that, that part stays quite for it would do harm to my love ones and eventually me. This is a great book on mediation and to slow down with yourself. Really enjoyed it. I got this book from net galley.  5 Stars.

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