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On March 14 we lost Al Rosen, who played 10 years for the Cleveland Indians and was a member of their 1948 championship team. He also was the 1953 MVP, with a .336 batting avg, 43 home runs and 145 RBI. He was four points shy of winning the batting title that year or he would have won the Triple Crown. After playing 10 years he retired due to back and leg injuries at the age of 32. Later he would serve as President and CEO of the Yankees, 78-79 and the Astros 1980- 85, then as general manager of the Giants from 85-92. So he had a very successful life as a player and executive in baseball. I do know he was instrumental in helping the Yankees in winning in 78, and for the hiring of some of the staff that would help the Yankees in the future.                                                                          In the NCAA tournament that started earlier today there has already been some upsets and I know of one controversial call that gave UCLA a win over SMU. I am sure there are going to be more calls and games that will have people talking after this weekend.  


  1. well there have been a few good games today. Harvard looked liked they were going to beat North Carolina, but Carolina hung on at the end to pull it out.

  2. the Purdue, Cincinnati, game was good and went into overtime with Purdue missing the last shot, but they also missed liked four or five before that as well as missing free throws also.

  3. still can't get over all of the free agents moving this off season in football. some big money being spent by a few teams to try to win now. maybe that is the way to show your fans that you as a team are trying to improve as a team. my question is with all of the money they spend how are they going to justify to the fans if they don't win? if they don't make the playoffs again. we will just have to see at the end of the season.

  4. in baseball already there are five big name pitchers that are going to miss the season with surgery, one from Toronto tore his ACL and will be out all season. that is their second pitch they have lost this spring. i guess now most pitchers are going to have Tommy John surgery some time in their career.

  5. Jim Boeheim, is sure acting like anyone but the head basketball coach and the man in charge of that program for well over 30 years and who else can tell the school that he is going to retire in three years after the NCAA came down with their ruling. he is already going to lose 2 players and of course more will follow plus he will not be able to recruit. the part that is unfair to me is that the players now their did not have anything to do with these infractions but are being punished just the same. they should be allowed to transfer to another school and not have to sit out a year. that is my take.


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