Posted:  April 12, 2015

Nothing Like a Cowboy (, #1)Getting back in the saddle has never felt so good...

A Story

Brett Harrison tried marriage once and isn't anxious for another round. So when his meddling twin sister sets him up on a dating site, he seriously considers strangling her and cancelling. Luckily for him, he's too much of a gentleman to act on those impulses, and when he meets Melly Walker, he wonders if it's time to get back in the saddle.

Melly knows exactly where her previous marriage went wrong. She was dazzled by her ex's big-city charm and strayed too far from her roots. This time, she's going with tried and true--a dyed-in-the-wool cowboy. Her first few dates net her more duds than studs, but when she meets Brett, she's ready to get more than just her feet wet.

The principles of trust and compromise are great in theory, but when Melly discovers Brett has his eye on more than just her curves, she questions her judgment and his motives. Is Brett ready to drop his dreams for something as unreliable as love?

Warning: Contains virtual hat-tipping, real-time kissing and sexy times. Yee haw!

     When two people have been seriously burned in previous relationships that resulted in divorce you find that they are gun shy.  To even dating.  Yet, Melly Walker had hopes that if she went back to her roots of a good old country girl she would be grounded again.
     So, imagine how excited she was when she found a dating site for ranchers and cowboys.  Since she had grown up on a ranch that was for her.  Especially, since she had met her ex in college and she was attracted to his flash of city life, fast cars, high end stuff, and expensive restaurants she need to find her way back. When behind her back he lost everything.  When they were married the marriage only lasted 18 months upon him filing Chapter 7.
     She started dating from the site there were more duds then dudes.  She was giving it one last try.  And so when she got a “tip of a hat” she was pleased.  She was just hoping one, this one showed up.  Two, he hadn’t lied about anything.  Three, he wasn’t a creep because she had been there done that.
     When Brett Harrison asked her to coffee a no muss no fuss date she was pleased.  The thing was she finds out soon enough into the date that Brett had just found out about the date and that it was his meddling twin sister that had set it up.  Making her feel awkward.  Until he stated he was pleasantly pleased and surprised about it.
     They both were able to find an easy banter, and intense chemistry, and that they were revealing secrets they never told anyone.  Making them see that this date took no effort.  Brett however made it very clear he didn’t want to lead her on she was looking for an end game of marriage he wasn’t.  She says, well, maybe so but dating along the way wasn’t bad.  Brett ask her on a second date. 
     This is where it gets interesting and tempers fly.  Can they get past it?  Is it even worth it their end games are so different?  You’ll have to read and see.  I give this 5 stars.
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