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Posted:  May 2, 2015

Lead Me Home (Home is Where the Heat Is, #2)He knows just how to tame this filly, but it’ll be one wild ride.
Home Is Where the Heat Is, Book 2

As far as Chloe Garrison is concerned, Nick Westing was carved by the gods. Her one and only plan while visiting her best friend in Texas: get that sexy cowboy into her bed as often as possible until it’s time to return to New York.
After a whirlwind week she slips away, thinking it best to make a clean break. Exceptshe can’t get Nick out of her head. And when he unexpectedly walks into her office, her first instinct is to find her defenses before she loses her panties.
Nick jumped at the chance to accompany his brother to New York for a photo shoot,but now that he’s here, he’s pissed. Seems Chloe is doing everything in her power to ignore him. The tender part of him understands her need for space.
The wilder side of him teases and torments her until she finally admits she’s missed him. Even though she walks away, in his book it’s a win. Because one way or another, he’s going to convince her they belong together.
Warning: Contains a commitment-phobic city girl who wants her cowboy—and hates that she wants him. And a hot, sweet-as-sin Texan with the patience and skill to show her she belongs by his side, in his world, and in his bed.

     Welcome to Chloe’s world.  One she was dealt at a young age when her father died.  Her mom trying to find what she had found with her dad, meanwhile 4 men later.  When at 16 the men started to notice her a little too much she hit the road never looking back.
     She made her way to New York City.  Where it’s the fittest of the fit.  Always wanting to prove everyone wrong she knew she would beat the odds.  She learned early that being the “feel good girl” keeps people from asking questions which in fact keeps them away.  Making Chloe Garrison a survivor. 
     Yet, Nick Westing, he saw Chloe in a much different way.  When he saw her, when she came into town with Mija, the first time, as a loyal and loving friend that she is.  How he knew this was because with people like Mija she couldn’t hide her love and how much her friendship means to her.
     So, when Chloe came into town this time not only did he want to see what made her click but in his bed.  They meet up at a bar.  He’s challenged her to a hand standing contest him not knowing she was a gymnast.  The stakes are just too important to them both.  Without losing their balance they have to do the other’s favorite shot drink.  This is where things get wobbly.  In the end Nick wins.
     They go to his place he takes the role of Master that he won as his prize and she as his Sub serious but in a fun way.  They had finally progressed to doing the act of S-E-X when there’s a loud knock at the front door and a woman’s voice calling out to him.  They both stop thinking this No This Can’t Be Happening!  For they have to stop in the middle of the
S-E-X!  Then the knock comes again.  She thinks does he have a wife or a girlfriend?  He’s like sh-t it’s my aunt, I can’t not answer she’ll just keep knocking.  They both jump up to get dressed.
     He introduces her to his aunt and gets her to not flee like a scared jack rabbit.  His aunt needs a place to stay.  Her house is being debugged.  What could Nick say but it was like pouring cold water on them both.  Now Chloe was really trying to leave.  Instead, he takes her into the kitchen to help him get his aunts tea.  They start to mess around until the teas ready and while his aunt is watching TV.  They get her tea to her and Nick walks Chloe home.  As he walks her home they talk…
     That is when he finds out about her home life.  He said it made sense though.  Chloe said how?  He explained that he noticed that she’s distant.  Reserved.  Not open and welcoming to others.  She has great manners, great smile, but you hold back if it gets past cordial.  What throws Chloe is that she has always thought of herself as an extrovert.  Nick said she is but it isn’t the same as showing who you, Chloe, truly is.  He wouldn’t have been able to have seen it if not for him being friends with Mija’s boyfriend.
     They both agree it’s only a one night stand with no strings attached.  Ground rules are important.  In fact that is how they choose to live their lives and are always up front with their “dates with benefits.”  So, imagine how shocked Chloe is when after S-E-X Nick wants to see her the next afternoon and for a split second that truly pleases her until she remembers what they agreed to.  She reminds him so he says, lunch to that she agrees…
     This was a deceit story.  I just personally liked the story of Mija and Shawn much better.  This one had me having brain freezes.  I just couldn’t seem to warm up to Chloe the way I could to Mija.  I give this 4 stars.  Provided by Net Galley.  Follow us at:  www.1rad-readerreviews.com

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