Move over, Vanderpump Rules, there's a new reality TV show about to air this holiday season, and it's hotter and naughtier than ever. 

When it comes to raising his only son, who's on the spectrum, single dad Sheldon Truman will do whatever it takes to secure the best Christmas for his autistic child, even if that means marrying America's leading pop princess and starring on Newlywed Boot Camp to pay for it. After all, he doesn't believe in marriage, monogamy, or happily ever after, so what's there to lose? 

With a failing handbag line, a perfume brand that stinks, and a singing career gone flat, actress Neve Adele will do anything that her PR firm, Brill Inc., throws her way. So when she's cast alongside the hottest bad boy she's ever met, the cameras start rolling, and they're forced to share a bed. The psychological games the show puts them through stir up painful emotions from her past, a childhood filled with impoverished abandonment. 

Once the filming is over, the feelings that Neve's been faking toward Sheldon suddenly become a reality. Can she stop thinking about him and get her career back on track? Or will she give up her hunger for fame and get real with the Manhattanite who not only took her virginity but her heart?

Sheldon Truman is a single father after his baby’s mother was sent to jail. After meeting his son for the first time he realizes that he is autistic. He does what any parent would do and that is change their life for their child. Now years later and his son doing great, the mother is looking at getting out of prison and wants the son back. Sheldon thinks this will undo all of the progress that has been made but does not have the money to fight her in court. Enter Neve Adele, singer, actress, and her name now is bland. This means that her knew product line of purses, and perfume will not sell. Her PR firm comes up with a plan for her to go onto a reality show for newlywed couples. Problem one she is not married, problem two she is not dating either. Enter Sheldon who happens to be the brother in-law to one of her PR people and the plan is for them to marry let him have the money, and her name will be back into public. This sounds good and at first everything seems like it will work when Sheldon says he can’t do it. Now a few weeks later he reads that she will be marrying someone else and he decides he can’t let that happen and steps up. Now the fun begins and so does the sex, for they both find out things about the other one that only draws them closer. Be ready for some steamy sex scenes, and cat fights when they are with the other couples. A fun fast paced story. a really liked all of the characters. I got this book from netgalley. I gave it 5 stars. Follow us at www.1rad-readerreviews.com 

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