Here Tomorrow 7pm PST. Author of:The Dream Jumper’s Promise- KIM HORNSBY SEE Excerpt from page 5

Here Tomorrow
7pm PST.
Author of:

Kim Hornsby

The Dream Jumper’s Promise
Excerpt from page 5

Tina took a sip of the steaming coffee and wondered which problem to tackle first. The desk was littered with bills and phone messages from creditors. Before she could open another letter from the bank, Katie’s scream made her fly out of the chair and run into the next room. She rounded the doorway to see a man grab Katie roughly and lift her off her feet. The scream turned to a squeal that ended in a giggle. This was not Ned, who was lean and scruffy and always looked like he just woke up. This was an adult, a manly looking man--tall, with sandy-colored hair on the long side of a crew cut and muscular arms. His crisp white T-shirt that read Maui Parasail stretched across a broad back.
“I can’t believe you’re here.” Katie pulled away from the hug. “I miss everyone, you know? How is everybody? I mean really. How’s Dad and Grandpops?” She stopped to take a breath as her resolve to use fewer words went flying out the window.
“Everyone’s good,” he said.
Katie did a little happy dance, her smile stretching from ear to ear. “I hoped you’d call this morning. I was just telling my boss that you’d come today. The diving isn’t looking good. I’m sorry about the storm coming in and Tina said it’s not likely he’ll dive tomorrow but the weather here can change in a few hours, just like Seattle.”
Tina stepped forward, knowing an interruption would be necessary. “You’re Katie’s uncle, I presume.” She extended her hand.
As the man turned to face her, Tina froze. It had been a while, but she knew this person well enough to know that when he slept on his back, he snored. And that he had a small birthmark shaped like South America below his belly button. Far below. She’d once pointed to Tierra del Fuego, and then inched southward, with her tongue.
His slightly lopsided smile was achingly familiar and once so dear to her that her breath caught in her throat and produced a tiny warble she hoped was inaudible. He must recognize her too. As their palms made contact, Tina felt a powerful surge pass between them, like an electric shock. She tried to pull her hand away as a curtain of darkness clouded her vision and blackness took over.
“Kristina?” The familiar timbre of James’ voice sounded far away, 
muffled, as she fought for consciousness. Sinking to the floor, the last thing she felt was his arm moving behind her back.

A fantastic story about lost love, overcoming a death, an old love coming back into one’s life, all the while trying to figure out the dreams that she is having hoping to move on with her life. The mystery behind her husband’s death is causing her to stay in one place and not move forward regardless of what she does. Is dreaming or is what is happening to her real? You as the reader won’t be able to piece it together until you get to the end, and even then there are a few twists that make this a very good mystery book. You are taken with Tina and her plight of trying to move forward, but being stuck and the same time. When you come to the end and the story comes together you find out that not everyone who should have been on her side was and that is what surprised me. Just one of the surprises. The characters are likable even the dog, and the description of the scenery, ocean, and other sites on Maui make you feel like you are actually there. Like I said a wonderful story and fascinating book. I don’t like to say more because I tend to give away too much of the story, so give it a read!  I give this 5 star. Follow us at 

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