ROSE GOLD (Easy Rawlins #13)

ROSE GOLD                                                      WALTER MOSLEY

Rose Gold is two colors, one woman, and a big headache.

In this new mystery set in the Patty Hearst era of radical black nationalism and political abductions, a black ex-boxer self-named Uhuru Nolica, the leader of a revolutionary cell called Scorched Earth, has kidnapped Rosemary Goldsmith, the daughter of a weapons manufacturer, from her dorm at UC Santa Barbara. If they don't receive the money, weapons, and apology they demand, "Rose Gold" will die horribly and publicly. So the FBI, the State Department, and the LAPD turn to Easy Rawlins, the one man who can cross the necessary borders to resolve this dangerous standoff. With twelve previous adventures since 1990, Easy Rawlins is one of the small handful of private eyes in contemporary crime fiction who can be called immortal. Rose Gold continues his ongoing and unique achievement in combining the mystery/PI genre form with a rich social history of postwar Los Angeles-and not just the black parts of that sprawling city.

This really is another good book with Easy Rawlins, why change. Now set in the time of Patty Hearst Easy can cross the line and hopefully get the information he needs to help the investigation. If you have read the other books it follows along those same lines. Mr. Mosley now has Easy going through Ventura and Ventura County, and though it has changed since the 70’s he makes you feel like you are back in time. That is what I like about his writing and about this character. I have nothing bad to say only that it is a good story with fantastic characters which I think he must have known some people like some of the characters he comes up with because they are so real and down to earth, or just hardcore when he needs them to be. Another great book about Easy Rawlins. I got this book from  I gave it 5 stars. Follow us at

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