TAKE ME DEEPER                                         JACKIE ASHENDEN

Even as a Green Beret, Zane Redmond hasn’t faced a tougher mission than going home again. Loyalty to his brothers is the only reason he’s back in Texas, not that he intends to stay for long. Zane sure as hell isn’t going into the family business. One last bounty and he’s done—or so he thinks. Nobody warned him that his fugitive happens to be a red-hot brunette with a smart mouth, a body made for sin, and a brutal cartel on her trail.

Bad circumstances and worse choices have left Iris Callahan in a desperate situation. After getting arrested for a drug drop gone wrong, she skipped bail and hit the road to avoid testifying. Now the cartel wants Iris silenced forever, and she’s just lucky that Zane catches her before they do. Handcuffed to a bed, she surrenders to the cool-as-ice bounty hunter in order to survive. But as the chase heats up, Zane sneaks past her emotional defenses—and Iris is in too deep to let him go.


Iris Callahan is trying to get her sister back from a drug cartel, but ends up getting arrested instead. Then she decides to skip on the bail. She needed to be out to still find some way to rescue her little sister. Enter the Redmond Brothers and their bail bond business. Zane the youngest is back from Afghanistan deciding on whether to go back in of not. Rush the middle brother is just out from prison after eight years for a crime he did not commit, and is still pissed. Then there is Quinn, either him or their now deceased father committed the act that Rush for some reason went to prison for. Now trying to save the business Quinn takes on this skip from another local bail bond named duchess, there is a whole other story between her and Quinn but we don’t know what it is went. Quinn has recruited Zane to go find Iris, and when he does he does not bring her in right away, and this pisses of Quinn, but makes for a good story. He decides to help Iris to get her sister back. This also starts a back and forth attraction between the two of them. This is a story full of action, intrigue, romance, some hot sex scenes, and banter between the brothers that make you think that they are ready to come to blows at any moment. A very good book. I got this book from netgalley.com.  I gave it 5 stars. Follow us at www.1rad-readerreviews.com

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