CROSSING HEARTS (Atlanta Skyline #1)

CROSSING HEARTS                                     REBECCA CROWLEY


New to the U.S. soccer scene, not to mention the English language, compact yet explosive Chilean soccer legend Rio Vidal is driven to define a role on his new team, Atlanta Skyline. But he must also adapt to a new culture—and accept that he can’t do it alone. His beautiful interpreter, Eva, has been his voice, his refuge. But she is becoming so much more. If only he could convince her he isn’t like the other men she’s worked with, players on—and off—the field.

As a translator for pro athletes, Eva Torres is used to dealing with self-interested superstars. But Rio seems different, and she’s blindsided when he locks eyes with her across a church pew. By now, after weeks of close contact with the endearing athlete with whom she shares a language, her thoughts are far from holy. She must remind herself flirtation is probably just his default style. Plus, she’s the only one he can really talk to. But when his ambition threatens to derail his career—and their deepening connection—they’ll both have to lay their hearts on the center line . . .

This had me engulfed from the get go.  I had other, you know, life stuff come up and really want not to have to put this down.  This was stuff I could really relate to as far as growing up as a Hispanic woman and how machismo can taint everything in the male kingdom.  Bringing out the emotion, at least in my experience.
     Rather than talk or show they are or can be vulnerable.  They will endure pain or injury.  Oh, wait!  That’s all me.  Ha-ha! But really, more importantly, that is how it is with Rio Vidal the Chilean soccer legend that has come to play for the Atlanta, Skylines.
     When he was a boy he came from nothing and never wanted to go back.  So, he worked hard on his soccer skills to be the best.  When coaches world laughs at first due to his small size they didn’t once he was on the field.  He ran faster, outwitted everyone, and jumped higher and smoother than a gazelle.  The one thing when he arrived he couldn’t do was speak English. “Okay, I can’t lie took me almost the whole book to figure out the BzzzBzzzBzzz, BzzzBzzz meant when someone was speaking English to or around him and he didn’t understand them.  DUH!)  My gift to you.  Only took me most of the book to figure it out😊
     Well, the translator that finally arrived at the airport for him is Eva Torres.  She is young and beautiful and catches his eye.  Turns out she put herself through school, college, and then got her dream job.  Not to mention she now gets to translate for the sexiest man ever.  He is one she has fantasized over a couple of times, maybe.
     The last player she worked with made her crazy.  He was not only rude, conceded, but he was leaning toward sexual harassment.  She was so glad when he was gone.  It hasn’t always been rosy for Eva.  Her mom was deported when she was twelve and she was left to be raised with a neighbor.  She has hired someone to look for her.
     See how these two get along from two different worlds.  But with hormones leaning in the same direction it means a lot of frustrations in both their lives. 
     This tells you a lot of eye-opening things about the world of soccer and that you don’t think about when you just watch soccer.  As well as what it’s like for a person who goes into any foreign country and doesn’t speak the language.  I totally enjoyed this book and its perspective.  I give it:  5 stars.  Provided by 

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