One unexpected night…
Emergency nurse Tamara Washington had everything—until her life was publically destroyed by her ex. She’s hidden herself away ever since, focusing only on her patients. Then one hot night with her boss, Dr. Conor Maguire, upends her world again.
With consequences!
Now Tamara is pregnant and Conor faces being a father, something he never anticipated. But if they face their fears together, maybe they could become a family, because, with Tamara in his arms, anything seems possible…
     What an interesting book.  I thought it was going to be a short and sweet book about getting caught with your hand in the cookie jar.  Now what?  But it was so much more.
     Tamara Washington has come from a background when she was not just backstabbed by her ex.  Oh, no that would be too blah.  She was taken advantage of by a guy who started taken advantage of by a man who befriended her dad first and then when her father introduced them got to her.  When both their trust at home and with the family business.
     Once he got his foothold then when his father starts to falter he got her to sign things when he knew her mind was more worried about her father than on what she was signing.  Until the day, she and her mother came home from her father funeral and the men were there to clear out all the paper needed to indict for embezzlement funds.  She was devastated because the two men that she loved had stirred her total wrong.  But her ex was the man who had stolen from her more than her money he had stolen her trust.
     She had been conned and humiliated in the public forum.  To the point where her family name was one of disgrace.  The scandal had cost her what she barely had, to begin with, her mother and daughter relationship.  Only thing if you could call it good was that her father’s failing health had taken a turn and he was gone before the worst of it had hit the fan.
     She changed her whole life becoming a nurse and trying to be the best at it.  The people she worked with seemed to approve.  One Doctor, she admired who seemed to have an eye for the ladies one evening turned that eye on her.  She was flattered and went with it.
     Now, almost twelve weeks later Tamara is asking to talk privately with him after work.  He thinks it about her application to apply to medical school again.  She doesn’t deny it.  But he has free time during the shift and moves the time up and now she wants to panic.  But Dr. Conor Maguire the handsome Irishman has a right to know before he moves to Sydney, Australia.  So, she says, “You’re going to be a father.”  He’s like, “How I used a condom each time?”😊

     See this comedy of errors that leads to his panic attacks that are really caused by another reason.  Yet come on and surface with this news.  Why the fear grips him at being a father.  As well, as the real reason, he is moving to Sydney.  How losing his own father affected him.  I give this book 5 stars.  Provided by  Follow us at

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