Cowboy Pride (Code of the West #5)

COWBOY PRIDE                                             ANNE McALLISTER

Jed McCal's nephew Tuck told him. Pregnant and alone, Brenna Jamison was back--trying single-handedly to run her father's touch.

Tuck said. If footloose cowboy Jed McCall didn't do something drastic, he would lose custody of the boy. But marriage?

asked Tuck. There were reasons that only fed knew. And marrying Brenna--becoming a father to her child--would be like jumping from the frying pan into the fire.

CODE OF THE WEST: Meet the hardworking, hard-loving men of the West! Proud, strong men who live--and love--by the CODE OF THE WEST.


Brenna Jamison has moved home from New York and now that she is pregnant she needs help running the ranch. The former foreman Jed McCall is now working for another friends place but still goes over to help out and his nephew is going over there to take art lessons. At one time Jed was in love with Breana when they were younger, but then she left, now he still is in love with her but he does not think he is good enough for her. Everything starts to fall apart for Jed when the county is looking at taking his nephew away. The nephew then comes up with a plan of Breana and Jed getting married, and they both agree. Brenna thinking that she will finally be able to be with the man that she has been in love with her whole life. The problem is, is that Jed is good at working the ranch but not telling her what he is thinking or feeling and though he is in love with her his nephew, and the baby when it comes he lets them all leave for New York without him. He is standing in her studio looking at the paintings that are being loaded up for shipping for her exhibit when he finally starts to notice little details in the cowboy that has been in all of her paintings over the years. You cannot see his face but his pants, the way he wears his hat, the markings of his boots, they are all of him. All of these years of her becoming a famous western painter her cowboy has always been him and the last painting has a cowboy standing on a porch alone watching everyone leave. He now must decide if he wants to be alone or go after the women and family he wants. A very good story with very good characters. I got this book from I gave it 4 stars. Follow us at 

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