RAD-READER:  Where did the idea for this story come from?  How did this series start?

KATHRYN:   First, thanks so much for featuring me on your blog. I'm looking forward to answering questions for your fans. My "Montgomery University" series really came out of nowhere. The first book of the series is "The Backup". I had been working on another book, and suddenly the heroine of "The Backup," Josie Savage, came to me out of the blue. "The Comeback" is the third full-length novel in the series All of the novels are connected, but they definitely can be read as stand-alone books.

RAD-READER:  Why is Elijah being so rude to Maddy?

KATHRYN:  Do you mean in the beginning? I think he's out of his element. He's gone from being a combat duty SEAL to academia. The Montgomery University students he first meets don't know what to make of him and their deferential treatment of him makes him uncomfortable. But he was definitely rude, wasn't he? Still, somehow, he managed to pique Maddy's interest.
Rad-Reader: Yes, I felt like she was giving him her true self in the jacuzzi and he cut her to the wick.  It felt like fear.  But, uncomfortable seems more accurate. 

RAD-READER:  When Runner finds out Josie’s ex is on campus he takes it well.  Why is everyone expecting different?

 KATHRYN:  Runner was immature and jealous in the first book in the series. Now he's in his fourth year, and he's much more mature and sure of his place in Josie's life. But, it's hard for him to shake his rep of being a jealous boyfriend.

RAD-READER:  When Josie and Maddy find out they both know Elijah why doesn’t that make Josie want to help Maddie get together with him?  Does she still have feelings for him?

KATHRYN:  Oh, definitely not. She wants what's best for Maddy, and she doesn't think that Elijah is her type, she's worried Elijah has too much baggage. For that matter, she wants what's best for Elijah too.

RAD-READER:  Why is Josie going behind Runner’s back doing things with Elijah and expecting him to not be jealous?

KATHRYN:  I think in Josie's head she's not really going behind his back. She doesn't think she's doing anything wrong. Plus, unlike other people, she has faith in Runner that he's not as jealous and possessive as he once was.

RAD-READER:  Is Turk someone that Maddy should worry about?  He seems a few fries short of a happy meal.  Which by the way is my norm.😕

KATHRYN:   Ha! Well, I hope you don't run into anyone like Turk soon. 

RAD-READER:  Knowing how insecure Maddy is why did Josie keep in such close contact with Elijah when they are trying to get together as a couple?

KATHRYN:  It's interesting that you think of Maddy as insecure because she doesn't think of herself that way. But, throughout the series, she's somehow managed to be interested in guys that have liked Josie first. Maddy isn't inherently the jealous type, but she knows how hot and heavy Josie and Elijah were during their summer fling. It was hard for her to get past that. As for Josie, she cared for Elijah and was pretty broken up by his battlefield injury. I think her reaction to his injury, contrasted to Maddy's reaction, shows why Maddy was a much better match for Elijah than Josie ever was. 
Rad-Reader: Overall, she is not.  But with the case of being sloppy seconds to all the guys that she dates after Josie, she appears to feel that way in my view.  You're so right though Maddy is a much better fit.

RAD-READER:  That Kevin guy ended up being a turning point for Maddy and Elijah.  Why do you think?

KATHRYN:  As she puts it, Elijah was like a superhero! He walked into a bad situation, figured the situation out pretty quickly, and took care of the bad guy without breaking a sweat. I think it would be hard for most women to resist a SEAL standing up for what's right. Maddy had been fighting her attraction to Elijah for quite a while, but after that night in the café, she couldn't fight it anymore.
Rad-Reader: Can we say, 'Purr'

RAD-READER:  When he saw Maddy at the pool that first day did he want her then as badly as she wanted him?

KATHRYN:  He was intrigued by her, and definitely attracted to her. But he didn't want to put himself out there. He worried she was just a pretty face. He had no way of knowing how much he and Maddy had in common, or how smart and what a good person she was. I think he didn't want to go for it and get shot down, or worse, have her date him out of pity.

RAD-READER:  Why when she caught Elijah in lies did she not confront him?  Like Josie coming to his house and her coming over and him not telling her. 

KATHRYN:  Well, he didn't really lie. When he told Maddy Josie hadn't been to his house, she hadn't yet, it was pretty early on in Maddy and Elijah's relationship, they weren't even really a couple yet. I think it honestly just didn't come up in conversation. Neither Elijah or Josie thought it was a big deal, although in hindsight I think they both realized they should have mentioned it.

RAD-READER:  Then why didn’t Josie tell her that she had gone over?  She was such a good friend.  Things just don’t add up.  

KATHRYN:  I think it was one of those situations where they really didn't think about how things would look to Maddy. I think we've all been in those situations where after the fact we think "oooooh, I never even thought of it that way!" 

RAD-READER:  Why would the police let Turk run loose for so long? 

KATHRYN:  They had no idea how messed up he really was. 

RAD-READER:  What was Elijah scared of love or being loved?

KATHRYN:  He was scared of getting his heart broken again…and Josie wasn't the person who broke his heart. We find out in my short-story "The Pre Season" that he was engaged once before. 
Rad-Reader: Interesting.

RAD-READER:  If your book was made into a movie who would play…

Maddy:  Hilary Rhoda
Elijah:  BT Urruela
Josie:  Amber Heard
Runner:  Taylor Handley
Turk:  Jesse Roberts
KATHRYN:  I'll preface this by saying I'm awful at this game! So bear with me. I like some of your picks. Taylor Handley is pretty good, but he'd have to wear contacts since Runner's eyes are very dark. And it's hard to top BT Urruela as Elijah, he's definitely my choice. Amber Heard is a pretty girl, but way off for Josie.

Maddy:  Minka Kelly when she was on Friday Night Lights is the closest I can think of.

Elijah:  Definitely your choice of BT Urruela. Good call!
Josie:  I think Zendaya, but more voluptuous. 
Runner:  This is super hard because his coloring is very distinctive (blond with dark eyes). The closest I can come up with is model Christopher Mason
RAD-READER:  Now that I see him a great choice.  I follow him too I don't know why I didn't think of him.  But maybe for what you said.  I try to get the descriptions down.

Turk:  Too old now, but Kellan Lutz has the right look.
RAD-READER: I thought about using him too.  But thought the same thing.


RAD-READER:  Have you always wanted to be a writer?

KATHRYN:  Yes, ever since I remember. It really is the only thing I can remember wanting to be, except for wanting to be a US Ambassador after doing Model U.N. during middle school!

RAD-READER:  Do you use a storyboard when you write a book?

KATHRYN:  No, not at all. I also never wrote outlines for reports when I was in school. When I have something in my head, it just has to get onto the page, I don't have the patience for storyboarding. 

RAD-READER:  What does your family think about you writing?

KATHRYN:  My husband is very supportive, and my little girls (I have twins) are always asking me to put kids into my books. I haven't figured a way to do that…yet. My parents have both passed away, but my mother–in–law is one of my biggest cheerleaders. Although I think she wishes I'd turn down the "heat" a little, LOL.

RAD-READER:  Is romance all that you write?

KATHRYN:  Yes. I was a journalist for a long time. I never went back full time after I had my twins. Finally, I decided I was done with journalism altogether and I'd rather write full time, and I'm really happy with that decision.

RAD-READER:  The Comeback is the first of your books that I've read. If our readers want to read the books in your Montgomery University series in order, what are they?

KATHRYN:  Thanks for asking! The first book is "The Backup" followed by "Sidelined." Next is my short story "The Pre-Season" where we meet Elijah. It's a prequel, but it was written after "Sidelined."  "The Comeback," is my latest novel, and my work in progress is "False Start." 

RAD-READER: It's exciting to hear that your next book is in the works. When is it going to be published, and what's it about?

KATHRYN:   It will be published later this summer. The heroine is Josie and Maddy's suitemate, Elle. She's studying abroad with her boyfriend during "The Comeback." She returns to Montgomery University single, and not looking for love, but it somehow manages to find her in the form of a hot football player.

RAD-READER:  Where can our readers buy your books?

RAD-READER:  Where can our readers find you on the web?

KATHRYN: is my website and blog. I also tweet @kathrynrenard and post on Facebook I've been less active on social media than I'd like…I've been busy working on my novels!

We would like to thank you for being with us.  It has been a pleasure to work with you.  I know there were a few hiccups on my part with my thyroid brain but you were very kind.  I loved your book and all the characters kept me totally engaged.  So, thank you for that.  Come back anytime and take advantage of our Shout Out: An Author’s Place.
You too are now a 1 Rad-Reader Misfit.


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