Forever Yours (The Brooklyn Brotherhood #3)

FOREVER YOURS                                           ADDISON FOX

Detective Cade Rossi has spent the majority of his life oblivious to Jasmine Shane. She’s always been his little sister’s best friend, but after coming to her rescue one night, Cade is starting to see the woman behind the lawyerly suits. 

Since childhood, Jasmine has harbored an embarrassing crush on Cade. She’s seen him work his way through nearly every eligible bachelorette in Park Heights, Brooklyn, and Jasmine’s given up hope of them ever having a chance together. 

But summer is the perfect time for a fling, and as Cade and Jasmine grow closer, what starts out as an innocent flirtation could turn into so much more…


Overall this was a fast read, but a good book. Jasmine Shane has always had a crush on her best friend’s brother. Now her best friend Daphne is getting married and she knows in her mind she needs to move on from but she was also attacked not too long ago and it was Cade Rossi who put the guy away. Now Detective Rossi and Daphne are at a Bridal function when he spots the guy who attacked her and now he goes into full cop mode. This puts the two of them together and Cade won’t let her out of his site and tells her to come to his place knowing that the guy does not know where he lives. This is where their story turns into a romance and Cade finally tells her how he feels for her and for how long he has had thoughts feelings. The story from there has some nice moments as he tries to recreate some special moments they shared when they were younger. Overall a good story a little predictable at times but I liked the fact that it was an inter-racial story line. A good book. I got this book from I gave it 4 stars. Follow us at 

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